Friday, December 01, 2006

Your Life Becomes A Travelogue Of Picture Postcard Charms

23 years ago (I find that very hard to compute; but as my Mother always said, and I never believed, 'The older you get, the quicker the time goes') - 23 YEARS AGO!! Joni Mitchell played Wembley, London, England.

The BBC screened it - and I plugged my crappy Tandy cassette recorder into my parents' telly with my separately purchased crappy Tandy grey 'jack plug'.... and taped it.

I had heard and liked 'Big Yellow Taxi' and I had read that she was a Very Important Artist Of The Kind I Might Appreciate.

I played the (badly recorded) C90 tape over and over and over again; I tracked down the songs to the original albums; I bought them one by one, as my pocket money would allow..... and I became A Major Fan.

Here's a clip from that very show.

Gawd bless the glories of You Tube.

And Gawd Bless Joni.

It was far from a false alarm.

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