Friday, March 30, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Went westlondoning again today - sporting shorts, shades on, dubby stuff on the iPo; lovely.

It felt like July.

It still does.

Alors will be quaffing discounted rosé and tucking into supermarket curry tonight.

Chin chin.

Weekend - 'Weekend Stroll' (1982)

[a davyh vinyl rip].

[westlondoning is an allyism (c) 2012 all rights reserved, terms & conditions apply]

Thursday, March 29, 2012


No I will not sleepwalk into a pattern of only posting on Fridays.

Although this is hard when I have not much to say.

Still, turned out nice again hasn't it?

Have you ever been to electric ladyland?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 'Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)' (1968)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Yeah Baby (BST)

So, British Summer Time eh? Always the way that winter seems darkly unending and then when spring comes it rolls out in a rush and everything goes suddenly bonkers, the cherry blossom, the buds, the honeysuckle, the hedge, and it's headlong to Easter and here we go. They're forecasting 20 degrees for London today.

Might have a rummage; feel like a rummage. Take a day; pop up the market and stock up with veggies for the weekend; all that.

Here's a classic groove/choon/break! I've almost posted on many a Friday, finally posted now.

Keni Burke - 'Risin' To The Top' (1982)

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar is now open.

John Lee Hooker - 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer' (1966)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now The Light Nights Are Here

It's been a Weller week. He's all over the meeja like a rash. He must have a very good PR company, is all.

As I was saying over at Simon's, all this attention, especially the very fine piece on him by Pete Paphides in Mojo, has encouraged me to dig into the recent solo stuff I'd ignored - 22 Dreams and Wake Up The Nation, specifically (thanks library). There are some very good things, as well as some silliness, on both....but I have become obsessed with this, playing it over and over...that Indian vibe (is it a sitar, or a guitar that sounds like a sitar?) and the co-vocal from the shockingly young then-future mother of his (latest) kinder which gives the whole thing an air of this, too.

I've just played it twice on the iPo walking to Sainsbury's and back (London Pride, two for £3.50, and some ginger for a daal).

Come out and play, come out and play....

Paul Weller - 'Light Nights' (2008)

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Was that a whiff of spring in the air today, or just my wishful thinking?

There really are tiny buds forming on the magnolia tree along the road.

Well here's something smooth and lovely from a record I've plundered before (it brought us The Smiling Hour, in fact).

Um pouco de Brasil on your March Friday evening.

A drink you say? Oh how kind.

Sarah Vaughan - 'Copacabana' (1979)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"Have You Bought A Porsche Yet?"

'Ere! You kids! Geddahtovit!'

I was amused by this list of 'tell-tale signs of middle age' in Sunday's paper.

Having checked myself against the criteria I can exclusively reveal my responses, viz....

You think it's about time you bought a nasal hair trimmer.
Sweetheart, I've had one for years
You can't sit down or stand up without making an "effort" noise.
Of course not
You write a letter to your council about rubbish collection.
I've written two!
All your friends start buying dogs.
(Thankfully not living in Yorkshire this doesn't apply)
You become a bystander to the latest trends in denim.
I have always been a bystander to the latest trends in denim
You notice your legs are going bald (men).
You have a colourist (women).
You listen to Radio 1 and don't understand any of it.
I haven't listened to Radio 1 since 1989!
You rely on the kids for IT advice.
Not really, but the eldest is good at PowerPoint
You start flossing.
You wonder if there are cruise holidays not full of senior citizens.
That's a point....
Tanktops, gilets, bodywarmers – sleeveless items of clothing begin to appeal.
No, although I have considered buying a waistcoat. Mind, I was wearing waistcoats at 25.
You know when the Chelsea Flower Show is.
Of course - Mrs H is very keen
You worry about your knees
You don't wear heels in daylight.
The first thing you read in the obituaries column is age of death.
You start getting your wine delivered.
I would, but I'm too poor
You no longer scan the room for beautiful people at a party. You're looking for a seat.
You start each day thinking you should live it like your last. But you don't.
Your ears get bigger.
Weird that
You know you haven't got a novel in you.
All your favourite TV is on Sunday night.
Is Call The Midwife back soon?

How about you?

What other 'sure-signs' are they missing?

I offer no prize for the best one, but maybe you can reward yourself with a nice hot bath and an early night.

Paul Weller - 'That Dangerous Age' (2012) [sounds like Blur]

Friday, March 02, 2012

Too Busy Singing To Put Anybody Down

I couldn't let the passing of Manchester's Davy Jones - jockey, Monkee and Ena Sharples' grandson - go unnoted here. All of us 60s and 70s kids grew up chortling at The Monkees TV series - they were part of the fabric of our childhoods.

And Davy was Mrs H's favourite (how fitting).

I'm really glad that whole Evil Fake Group thing has been consigned to the dustbin of lazy music crit history and we can just enjoy The Pop.

With Goffin, King, Diamond, Boyce and Hart penning it, what Pop it was.

We'll miss you Mr Jones.

The Monkees - 'Hard To Believe' (1967)

[a davyh vinyl rip - in Mono]