Friday, June 28, 2013

Yeah Baby

I have this terrific mix to thank for introducing me to the Jackson 5 outtake that was 'My Jam' (!) last week. What a track. Song by Stevie Wonder - again.

New York City was hot. Music in the cafés at night and fountains in Washington Square.

I kept my promise to myself; I bought a litre of Tanqueray duty free.

The Jackson 5 - 'Buttercup' (1973)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Golden Lady

I'm off back to New York tomorrow.

I know - yawn. It's like it's become the new Zone 17 on my Oyster Card, right?

So I won't blether on about that.

What I'll say, as I have before, is that every time at 99p Soul there's one song - that, in the moment and of itself, is the...moment. 

And this time it was this. Very, very gloriously.
Thank you Emma x

Stevie Wonder - 'Golden Lady' (1973)

PS: Those of you not Twittering may have missed this, too...

Stevie Wonder - 'Golden Lady (Scrimshire Edit)' (2013)

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PPS: I am planning to bring back some duty free Tanqueray: see you Friday companeros x

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yeah Baby

I shall be uncoolly Dad-dancing to the sensational soul sounds of the celebrated Misters Rob Ryan, Mick Beirne and our very own Ms Dusty Sevens at 99p Soul tomorrow night.

Here's something glorious in anticipation and for all those of you unfortunate enough not to live within a nightbus ride's distance of London's premier budget basement event for the mature soul freak.

I shall require a beverage.

Almeta Lattimore - 'These Memories' (1975)

Monday, June 17, 2013

We're Doing Fine

Lately I've found I've more consistently liked the music Paul Weller recommends (in interviews and so on) than the music Paul Weller makes.

I was flicking through the end of 2012 review in an old Mojo the other night and saw he mentioned this in his 'Best Thing I've Heard All Year' list.....'She's Dionne's sister, and it starts off as this great guitar song - it could be The Lovin' Spoonful - before it turns into this amazing soul tune'.

He's right you know.

Dee Dee Warwick - 'We're Doing Fine' (1965)

There's also a 'BBC Session' version by Dusty.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Back To Living Again

Hola companeros, it has been one hell of a fortnight hereabouts.

I do hope someone is going to the bar.

Curtis Mayfield - 'Back To Living Again' (1997)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013