Thursday, February 03, 2011

Call To Prayer

So Mondo's book on the train is the splendid Eno biog I loved so much last year, which has sent him into a Brian-Tweeting frenzy, and me back to the 'canon' too (like I ever 'left' it).

Here's a quite hard-to-get thing - pulled from all but the earliest issues of My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts after complaints from the World Muslim Council and never reinstated, not even as a bonus on reissues.

'...featuring a field recording of Algerian devotees chanting Koranic verses (appropriated from the first track of Eno's Music In The World Of Islam LP)' [Sheppard]

Brian Eno & David Byrne - 'Qu'ran' (1981)


  1. I'm rationing myself to fewer pages as I plough through purely to spin it out for as long as poss'. I'd been thinking of following on with this this - but the reviews aren't so hot..

    I picked this up pre-Eno bio, well worth grabbing. A real ear-opener of influences regarding his post Warm Jets work

  2. Mond, you've had a 'mare with yer links maaaan.

  3. Whoops - that'll teach me to type (well, cut and paste) while noshing on me lunch)

    Here you go well worth a greifen. It includes Dino from Musik Von Harmonia - which sounds to me like the source influence for King's Lead Hat

  4. Great album and great track. I've got the vinyl lp with this on. Took me ages to realise it was quite rare.

  5. Lucky man. I've got the vinyl LP without this on. Took me ages to realise....etc.

  6. Yes, great album. Didn't know about this wrinkle. Sent me rushing to dig out my LP and yes I've got it on my copy (bought it when first released so only fair that I have).

  7. cor i never knew folks were cutting all that so long ago. darned shame cos it sits mighty comfortably with exorcists and radio preachers

    and as usual i have no idea at all what mondo's on about

  8. Mind, they replaced it with 'Very Very Hungry' - which is very, very beautiful.

  9. Very Very Hungry is ace. To be fair, I bought the vinyl second hand not when it came out. My original copy was on cassette (we've discussed this format before). The vinyl copy appeared in a second hand record shop who clearly didn't know or hadn't checked about the original pressing- hence it was a couple of quid. Lucky me.

    Word verf: squityl Made me snigger.

  10. What the Dickens!
    Dunno much about Eno or Dino. More of a Beano and Geno Phil O'Stein sorta pleb meself. You're always learning me fings.

    Jolly breezy tonight, with the shed shake, rattlin n rollin. Was nearly decapitated by an errant Spear n Jackson No3.

    Fancy a nice dark rum n coke to irrigate the cloggy bronchials.

    Gimme shelter and batton those hatches.

    Warm embraces to y'all


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