Friday, October 12, 2012

Smoke With Fire

The eldest daughter and I enjoyed Smoke Fairies (KCLSU, Tuesday). They sure can sing and play geetar, those gals (could maybe do with a sparkier tune now and then, but still...).

We also liked support band Bear's Den, not least because they had printed their own E.P sleeves with potatoes; not so much the overly shouty Tom Williams & The Boat.

It was a strange but lovely thing to be watching all this at the alma mater, in the hall we used for student discos and productions nearly thirty years ago - and with her ladyship, at her first proper 'gig'; by far the youngest person there (13, but don't tell), and right in front of the stage.

Life stuff eh?

She's going to see Green Day with her friends at the Emirates Stadium next summer, which'll be a bit different, I imagine.

Smoke Fairies - 'She Sells Sanctuary' (2012)

[The Cult!]


  1. Nice work davyh. 2 pints of hoppy best bitter please, as we reminisce..

    I don't know of The Smoke Fairies. But that's not important. What is important is that you went with lovely bright teen girl. Unforgettable moments in time. (Until dementia sets in for you, obviously).

    My older daughter (17) has done many a 'Party In The Park' type nonsense. 2-3 songs often mimed and danced to by the pop acts of the day. She then 'upgraded' to a proper Festival this summer with big person bands like Kasabian and The Cure. (Although she prefered the Irish comedian in the Hofmeister tent). Complete with £50 Hunter wellies and dad's old military sleeping bag, the no-hot-water-and-manky-toilets lark did her good.

    However, last week I took her to see From The Jam in a small town theatre. She parked herself right at the front watching in awe at Foxton's leaps and Russell's Rickenbacker. The Fire and Skill. 30-odd years on, 'When You're Young' never sounded so apt. I was proud that she liked the songs dad liked when he was 17. If that makes any sense?

    2 more over here Gloria.

  2. Lovely Dickie. I appear to have something in my eye.

    Preferred the Irish comedian in the Hofmeister tent? Takes after her old man in more ways than one, then.

  3. PS: I did not go to a real 'gig' until I was 16 and a arf. The Jam, Shepton Mallet.

  4. Nice stories both. Somehow I knew what the song was going to sound like before I clicked play.

  5. There is that about it, yes. Was good as the closing song live.

  6. I never thought it would appen ..
    Just a heads up, if you didn't know boys n girls. Documentary on Squeeze tonight BBC 4, and a 1982 live In Concert - from er, Hitchin. (Must be in the Home Counties Davide?)

  7. That's where the North starts Dickie

  8. My dad only ever took me to the Hospital staff panto. but I laughed so much I .... no. I wont say. So, was it just you 2 or did she have a 'gaggle' along? First gig I took my girl to was Kylie Minogue at Wembley Arena must have been '91-2 ish. I didnt like it much. Just finished watching the Squeeze docu..Now that's what I call Music!!

  9. Twas great Lila wasn't it. Some Fantastic duo.

  10. Just the two of us, as Bill Withers said L.

    Is there a Blue Plaque somewhere in Deptford for Difford & Tilbrook? There should be.

  11. I'll be in Hitchin soon, more's the pity.

    Kevin Bridges was very funny, very weegie but that's to be expected.

    Max can't wait to see MES live, haven't the heart to tell him that by the time Max is 18 Smith will have succumbed to end stage liver disease or murdered by me for another pish gig.

    It was quite a moment last year at Latitude watching the Vaccines but nothing in comparison to the first time you see your team getting gubbed four nil together and you realise that your son has just felt his first of many real pangs of disappointment.

  12. My kids are still several years away from first concerts, but I'm reminded of the time I took t' wife to her first (and only) Premier League game — Chelsea v Southampton back in the early 00s I think it were. I gave her the old "Course it was all brutal concrete terraces here when I was a lad" and thought the atmosphere was rather sterile in comparison and that she'd wouldn't really get the flavour of the real frustration of supporting Chelsea in the past now that they were all oil billionaires.

    Then Southampton beat us 4-2. That'll do it! It was like old times.


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