Friday, February 15, 2013

The Smiling Hour

Love needs a transfusion, let's shoot it full of wine
Fishing for a good time starts with throwing in your line

That's poetry that is, Glo.

Tom Waits - 'New Coat Of Paint' (1974)


  1. Afternoon Mr H, is it too early for a gin?

  2. Not if you feel the urge to ask.

    Though I've got to nip out to the shops first.

  3. I'll get them in then.

    I was in Luton on Wednesday, which was nice!

  4. Ah yes - the boulevards, the pavement cafés, the scent of magnolia in the air...

  5. It was fucking awful, there was more snow and it was colder than up in the frozen north.

    I was chastised for clicking my pen all the way through a presentation.

    Tell me Mr H, do we believe in coincidences such as Russian meteors on the same day as olympic sized swimming pool asteroids pass close by the earth, hopefully taking down a Murdoch satellite or two?

  6. It's a crazy universe Drew, crazy

  7. Another one Mr H?

    Two more please, Glo.

    This gin is going down a treat tonight, goes rather well with Mr Waits' crooning

  8. Ah, a Pride. At last. Cheers all.

  9. PS: 'New coat of paint' round here too. Rather pleased with it.

  10. Alright. I'll have one of them please. What times the asteroid due? Might double up.

  11. Ey up. Quiet 1 for me lads - afore the asteroids play up again. (Been using that Anusol - but they keep coming back).
    Smells a bit 'glossy' in here davy. Could do with repealing the smoking ban to mask the taste of Dulux 'Tobagan Sunrise'.
    Fish finger sandwiches and then rugby league at Headingley for me and top daughter.
    May pop back later for a nightcap and BBC4.

    Love to all

  12. I've the skirting boards still to do. Watch the wall by the lavs it's a tad wet.

    Love back to you and top daughter Dickie x

  13. Not BBC 4 Dickie, it's all about that overrated beat combo from Liverpool tonight.

    I might go asteroid spotting.

    Got my new listening chair, it's alright but it's not red

  14. Gerry & The Pacemakers night on BBC4? Excellent!

  15. Thought it looked different in here but couldn't put my finger on it.

    These Capchas are getting worse and worse.

  16. On a train drinking lucozade after a week of flu. Tempted to chuck a vodka in it. Anybody seen the Scarfolk blog? Worth looking up folks.

  17. oh to be round the corner from gerry's for a bottle of fighting cock to blast these darned cold germs. far away and not drinking so buggered all round. i'll be breathing in those fumes deep and hoping for the best

  18. Crikey. I pop out for a bit - and there's nobody here when I get back. Hope an asteroid hasn't taken out the pool table.
    Spicy Rum n coke to warm me cockles please Glo. And some Scampi Fries from that box that says 'Best Before 1987'.

    Put one int barrel for t'others. They're an odd bunch - but you gotta love em.

  19. Didn't checked my bloglist yesterday so I couldn't join a shot of gin. Therefore I will take a drink today in the early afternoon. Cheers

    btw: great words from a great singer


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