Friday, August 30, 2013

The Round And Round

Just back from frolics Up West for the eldest's fourteenth birthday today: pedaloing on a sunny Serpentine, noodles in Wagamama and this crazy ride on the Southbank (them, not us - I can't do the round and round, and Mrs H can't do the heights).

I thought it'd be a wheeze tonight to post the number one record from when I turned 14, but my Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles tells me it was 'Don't Like Mondays' by The Boomtown Rats, which hardly seems appropriate.

So here's another one from my early teens that I'd always sing to her when she was little.

Blondie - 'Pretty Baby' (1978)


  1. Sounds Like a great way to spend a Friday.

    Pity the lack of Tanqueray, I've a couple of litres of Beefeater is you want one? Cheap on the Ferry back from France.

    Pissing down up here!

  2. Aaah. Lovely.
    We had one of these in Piccadilly Gardens recently- I don't mind heights and can stomach round and round but somehow I couldn't convince myself central Manchester was the right place to be doing such things.

  3. happy birthday junior h
    how's the peepers and falling over?

  4. Good evening gentlemen. Back to the seaside for the weekend, sending this via the phone while I'm waiting for my daughter to end all her rounds at the funfair. Happy birthday to the young 'un.
    Hope tomorrow will be a sunny day for everybody.

  5. Luca daughter at funfair too???!! Amaze.

  6. 14, she can come into't main bar, with parents, if having a meal. She's to keep quiet, mind.

  7. Do you think that's wise, Glo?

  8. G'day troops.
    Well, that's a song I STILL sing to my daughter today, Davy.
    'Eyes that tell me incense and peppermints,
    Your looks are larger than life, long live innocence'.

    Been a relatively good week. Highlight was seeing The Rutles last night in Leeds and chatting with Neil Innes (Ron McNasty) afterwards. Genius - and a bloody nice bloke taboot! Probs 1 of the top 10 gigs of my life. Unrivalled pastiche. Certainly the fuckin funniest. Barrington Womble (aka Barry Wom) on drums is another legend. Oh the timeless songs ... 'I Must Be In Love', 'Ouch!', 'Doubleback Alley', 'Cheese n Onions' etc.

    Hey, is that a lovely young Italian girl in the corner drinking wine? With pork scratchings!

    Mists and mellow fruitfulness on the way home from the Rugby match tonight. Falling leaves, big spiders and bashed badgers; it's all part of my autumn almanac.

    Me and daughter are off to Croatia on Sunday for 10 days. First time there. Will be full of nice new memories I hope.

    So, Pints of Fruity beers all round please, Glo. And a Snowball for Davide's petite ingenue daughter.
    Love to all

  9. The Rutles = genius. We had 'Let's Be Natural' from one of my DIY CDs in the car in Zummerzet. It's better than most of the real White Album. Love backatcha and happy hols Dickie x

  10. Have a good time in Croatia Dickie. My brother's there at the mo- says its red hot.

  11. 145 people downloaded this. Sheesh. That's 145 people who srsly need to get 'Parallel Lines'.


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