Sunday, February 25, 2007

London In The Rain

It's been raining big time in London this afternoon, the sky doing that evil-bruiseblack-in-places-and-cracked/shot-through-with-lurid-gold thing.

Which makes me think of rain songs, and how many great ones there are.

Something about this weather phenomenon that's desolate and melancholy and/or crazy to walk through/listen to the pitter patter of as you lie with The One You Love (etc) seems to bring out the best in songwriters. are three rain songs for you from The Ghost: one happy, one sad and one contrasting a happy rainy day past (with him) with a lonely rainy day present (without him).

(Ah yes dear reader, there was so much more to Minnie Ripperton than just 'Lovin' You'....).

Blossom Dearie - 'I Like London In The Rain' (from 'For Cafe Apres Midi' - buy)
Frank Sinatra - 'Here's That Rainy Day' (from 'No-One Cares' - buy)
Minnie Ripperton - 'Rainy Day In Centerville' (from 'Come Into My Garden' - buy)


  1. Rain???

    Try living up here in the West of Scotland.....we get whole LPs named after our precipitation levels.'s been nice and dry this past 2 days. I must go and lie-down.

    Oh and I recommend 'Rain' by Martin Stephenson & The Daintees. But only if you're a fan of the Lenny Cohen acoustic stuff....

    And 'Raindrops' by Tindersticks is another one that is ace for wet days.

  2. Thanks JC. I'll try not to come on all soft southern jessie about such matters again.

    Sunny today, darnit.

  3. Great photo. One I can relate to in many, many ways... (and the music fitted perfectly)

  4. Thanks Colin - nice to meet you over here!


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