Monday, May 14, 2012

Englishman In New York

Twenty five years after my last visit I am headed to New York this week, for work.

Back then I was a cash-strapped recent graduate with a Greyhound bus 'Ameripass' off on a coast-to-coast ramble, all desert boots and Dylan tapes; this time it'll be new suit and shiny shoes and doing my best to sound sensible.

New York playlist? Check (even contains Sting!).

And all being well I'll be back Friday night, though a bit too late for the usual around here, I expect.

'Follow me on Twitter'.

Deep breath - long flight coming x

Lloyd Cole - 'New York City Sunshine' (2006)


  1. Enjoy.

    Bring me back some Peppermint Patties.

    But Sting Mr H?

  2. Well aren't you the International Bright Young Thing, and no mistake.
    drew's right, Sting is a step too far. (More an 'evil alien').
    I trust that Kirsty MaColl, Billy Joel, Odyssey, Leonard Cohen, Magnetic Fields, XTC, S&G, Tom Waits, Crystals, Shangri Las, Springsteen, Ella F, Bobby Womack, Ramones, and .. Barry Manilow all feature?

    Enjoy the flight. No sleep til Brooklyn. (Or Hounslow at least).

    We look forward to a full report on our desks by Monday morning.

    Do a diary (a la Michael Palin) of intrestin little things you see and do.

  3. I know it's likely to be work, work, work - but if you can squeeze some sight seeing in, you've got *the list*. Carnegie Deli and the Brill building are literally steps from you accom.

    Have yourself a tearup - and a month after returning, we still can't shake the place off. It is a magical metropolis

  4. Wow. Have a good time. Give my regards to Broadway. It has bright neon lights apparently

  5. I like it and I don`t care. But thank you SA.

    Mond, I`m at the very least going up the Empire State Bldg. It was, incredibly, *closed* when last I was there.

    Writing this from the bar at T5. Cold Peroni. Seemed rude not to.

  6. Bon Voyage MrH. Even though it's for work I hope you get to enjoy the beautiful city and maybe take a few snapshots for us too x

  7. Clash On Broadway?

    Loved New York. Went in May 2001 last. Had a drink at the top of one of the Twin Towers. Made the following September just a little bit more scary.


  8. First time I went was 25 years ago too. Back then it was crack houses on the Lower East Side, now it's all clean, safe and upmarket which I suppose is an improvement.

    Got time for a detour up to Boston?

  9. Sadly not Lee. Headed back to LHR first thing Friday just as soon as the work is done

  10. New York this week, Leeds next You know how to live Sunshine don't you!

    If in Leeds at a loose end I'm sure DVD will meet you for a pint!

  11. Too right I will, anon. Although I think Davide may just be taking the piss to emphasise the juxtaposition of, in the same week, his visiting one great cosmopolitan city against a smelly rat-infested, traffic-choked, bed-bugged, immigrant-driven hell-hole, where they all talk funny.

  12. Anyway, it's quiet in here tonight.
    Deidre was asking after you Davy. I told her you'd gone to the place so good they named it twice.
    "What's he gone to bleedin' Wagga Wagga for?" she cried.

  13. Droll Dickie, most droll. Just landed and tubing it home - get one in for me will you dear boy?

  14. Evening Gents,

    I'm officially of the wagon, so I'll get them in, Gin Davide, Guinness, DVD? Better get a pint of snakebite for SA.

  15. Cheers drew. Draw a heart in the creamy head for me. Warm welcome home davy boy. (She'll be lining up the cutlery .. polishing the glasses and pulling out the cork).


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