Friday, September 28, 2012

Frank Wilson (5th Dec 1940 - 27th Sep 2012)

Yes, he recorded the Northern Soul classic and ultra-rare 45 'Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)' but rather unjustly was less famously the writer and producer of many hits for Motown including this glorious thing.

Full obit here.



  1. I've had a bad enough week without this!

  2. At least we still have the music, baby.

    'Stoned Love' has been a fave of mine ever since school days and The Big Wheels Of Motown...

    He produced 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me' too: as I once wrote 'Did a Tamla record ever sound better?'

  3. Time for a drink Davy.

    My shout, what you having?

  4. Some old tarty plonk Drewster, that Guinness got me off the starting block nicely

  5. Putting it about a bit this weekend. Last one in my 40s. From The Jam tomoz too.
    Glorious is indeed the word there davy.
    Cheers my loves.

  6. I read that this new Foxton album is him and that band with new songs Dickie. They've put the single 'Number Six' on the Mojo freebie CD and I have to tell you that I really like it. And I never liked any of Foxton's songs (OK, apart from the obvs S-J).

    May we enquire, exactly when is the Big 5-0?

  7. Mon 1st of Oct, kid.
    17 yo daughter just playing S-J now! How about that? Far out man.
    Weller influence on the album too old boy. (Check out 'Window Shopping').
    With Foxton and the others, all these years on, its down to earth positivity and joyous memories.
    Bit like our lives.

  8. 'Exaaactly like our livessssss'

  9. Btw did anybody see The Beach OAPs on Later? Why, I kept asking myself

  10. I was feeling *meh* and went to bed. It is perhaps just as well.

    Mind, I hear Mike Love has just 'dismissed' everyone in the band (apart from himself) so all's back to normal.

  11. It was terrible Davy and Holland could not have been more obsequious. Was rather surprised by Muse not quite as opish as usual.

  12. PiL got away with it too I thought.

  13. I really couldn't decide if I enjoyed PiL or not. It was amusing too have Lydon and the Beach OAPs on the same show. The xx were head and shoulders above the rest.

  14. To jump back a few comments, I haven't listened to the Mojo Weller cd yet so can't pass comment on the Bruce Foxton song. But I shall listen to it now you've reminded me.


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