Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Reggae # 36

This has been buzzing round my head all day like a late summer fly, and you know that means it gets uploaded here.

Hard truths, a mighty riddim.

25C and rising this weekend in London, the season's last great golden blast.

Don Carlos - 'Crucial Situation (Version)' (1981)


  1. About 12 degrees, windy and wet, so you can fuck off with your heat and sun.

  2. Not a bad tune tho'

    oh, and I also hate this word verification pish!

  3. Aah - blue drew - the Sunshine Superman.
    Pour him a drink to thaw his chilled bones. Peel him a Home Counties olive and pass the croquet hammer.

    Whatever next? There'll be brewing Irn Brew in Essex. ('Made from mdf'). Now that would be pish!

  4. Don't mention the IRN BRU Dickie, sad news yesterday that Barrs have merged with Britvic, so it might happen.

    Did you hear that Charlotte Green is leaving Radio4, depressing!

    I need a drink, some rum I think tonight. Olive, don't mind if I do but none of your home county peely wally ones, big plump Greek Kalamatas for me.

  5. Geographically and meteorologically we seem to be at a mid point between Davy and Drew. Grey, grey, mild but grey.

    That has been one fucker of a long week. I shall be drinking tonight. Mind, I say that every night.

  6. Yes SA. Dull, mild, dreary, and grey. That's me any road.
    Eric Olthwaite is my hero.

    Have just heard drew .. Charlotte Green is the new Marketing Manager for 'Britvic Bru'. 'A refreshing Pimms-based beverage served in a wine glass for the more discerning southern drinker'.
    (No deep fried Mars Bar required)

  7. shaking still from sparrowhawk excitements. bloody hell they're scary close up. calming down with half price jim beam.

  8. coffee in the sunshine. It's going to be a scorcher

  9. This track is new to me and completely ace. Thanks!
    Ummm.... Go Murray!

  10. Glad you like it P. The 'Suffering' (aka 'Prophecy') LP, whence this comes, is well worth tracking down.


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