Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hats Off

As if seeing Young Marble Giants after a mere 33 years on Sunday were not enough, I am off to catch Roy Harper at the Royal Festival Hall later this month courtesy my good friend Dr.Al, who was nifty in picking up tickets as soon as they went on sale. All the reviews I have read of his new album (and all the things I have heard from it) have been very, very good indeed, so I'm looking forward to it mucho.

Incidentally, so taken was I by the Union Chapel on Sunday (my first visit...I tried to see Goldfrapp there a few years back but it was several times over sold-out) that I looked up a bit about its history. According to Wikipedia, past church organists there have included John Henry Gauntlett, Ebenezer Prout, Fountain Meen and John Hooker.

That is the finest list of fantastic names I have seen in a good while.

Here's some (new) Roy.

Roy Harper - 'Time Is Temporary' (2013)


  1. I've got Stormcock which is great but I rarely listen to it. Must give it another spin soon.

  2. Didn't know that he made a new record. It's a great song that makes me looking out for the album. And Adam is right - Stormcock is a record you should listen often

  3. I found his 'Counter Culture' double comp a really good way in to his sprawling back catalogue.

  4. I keep missing your posts. I never much liked what I heard of Harper. An old housemate of mine loved him, so I associate him with the smell of spliff filling up the house. And big pots of vegetable curry cooking on the stove before a big night out/party. And then the inevitable 3am gathering in the front room with lots of very wasted people. Living in that house was what I imagine it's like to be a member of Primal Scream.

  5. LOLZ. Liz Fraser singing 'Another Day' and Peel and 'An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease' cued me up for him nicely.

  6. that's far far far too lovely for primal scream. pitifully searching for the heroin aisle in islington sainsburys that's those joyless buggers...
    could that sound anymore beautifully autumn?
    any record tips on where to go with roy?


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