Friday, September 27, 2013

Yeah Baby

I've heard this a few times in the past week because of the Sound Of Cinema malarkey on the BBC.

And so have been reminded of its greatness.

'Look at me, what do ya see? You see a bad Mother'

James Brown - 'The Boss' (1973)

[There's a 'blaxploitation' soundtrack special on the Huey Show this Sunday].


  1. i was thinking of following up the hello london thing with some james brown what with him being quite the thing in the nightspots of 1983/4. he really was too. all over it. except in the batcave

  2. I was contemplating the best ways in which to inflict the most pain on all bosses yesterday.

  3. 'Cos you're a bad Mother.

    And just think Ms A, this record was only ten years old back then *gulp*

  4. davyh. The hardest working man in showbusiness.

  5. *starts singing: "Paid the cost to be the boss, I'm a bad mutha, I'm a bad mutha.."
    Okay, okay, I'll stop.

  6. Having spent three hours plus getting home tonight with 90 min standing on the hard shoulder of the M60 with a broken down VW polo I am feeling like a pissed off mother.

    Ha! Word veri 51 bumlog

  7. Sorry to hear that SA, I hate hard shoulders and can feel your pain. I'll get them in, very Large rum and a pint is it?

    Whatever SA want's, Glo and a drink for the rest, pay day yesterday. Weekend lottery winner then it's back to Spam and water on Monday.

    Some clown has been spouting soft skills pish over at mine so I am even more vexed

  8. I'd have less of the James Brown and more of the James Last if it were me and I shall thank you to keep your motorway stories to yourselves, you should be thankful to have jobs the lot of you

  9. Cheers Drew, I'll have a large one. Gloria's full of it tonight isn't she? Has your boat come in Glo?

  10. I miss Rare Groove. Probably the best times I ever had clubbing in London.

  11. Bad muthas all around, indeed, but what about that guitar motif? Quality.


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