Friday, January 12, 2007

What's He Like?

Word reaches The Ghost that Kevin Rowland is working on an album of new material for release in 2007 - the first such to be issued under the Dexy's Midnight Runners name since 1985's 'Don't Stand Me Down'.

Rowland has posted a sample track 'It's OK, Johanna' - which he is calling a demo - on his MySpace page.

If it's a reliable indication of the quality of the rest of his new material, we are in for a treat - it's a characteristically heartfelt Kev monologue on love and beauty (Reminisce Part 3?) spoken over Moonlight Sonata (or Shangri Las 'Past, Present & Future'?) type piano, with a lovely break into a sung refrain that has his voice on top form. There's also a musical quotation from Marvin Gaye (with a joke), and a surprise ending that suggests the Dexy's horns are waiting restlessly in the wings.

We like the John Steed look Kev!

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