Friday, August 20, 2010

En Vacances

Mais oui et alors mes amis, the Famille H are off on their hols to South West France and hoping that the 40% chance of rain forecast for next week is an erreur; for heading South will be sweeter if to a warmer, sunnier place. Either way we are banking on groovy cheeses and groovier wine, fresh baked bread and some cheap gin from the hypermarket - and we've loved doing the London things this summer, but we also need to breathe some green, you know?

It's an early start and a long drive tomorrow, all frites by the autoroute and petit cafes to keep me awake, so don't make me stay up late tonight gassing away with you.

There's half a melon in the fridge if you want to use it up.


Manfred Mann's Earth Band - 'Davy's On The Road Again' (1978)


  1. Davy's on the road again - wearing women's clothes again.

    1 Big Sleep. (Or une grand sommeil).

    Have a smashing time.

  2. Davy posting prog? (sort of) You obviously need that holiday.

    Verification: boxinead which translates as boite dans tete

  3. I love that song. Another of those that reminds me of being a kid. Have a luvverly time. Me, I'm off to London for the week. Never stopped working there, but haven't slept there for almost exactly a week.

    Drink some wine for me.

  4. Thanks chaps, you are bricks.

    Mick - be advised I am in touch with my inner hippie (though I still don't trust him).

    Happy to drink some wine for everyone, you know me.

  5. Have a better journey than nous.

    Bon vacances and have some macaroons for me.

    One tip, get the gin on the ferry, a litre of Tanquery for 17 quid, it's not cheaper in France anymore.

  6. The cheap stuff is though!

    For those of you who may have been wondering by the way, that is an actual pic of a French haystack of my acquaintance.

  7. Davy, DAVY! You still awake?

    You know we never talk anymore

  8. Mlle Haystack, can that really be you?

  9. I'll get back to you at the end of Masterchef but I think that the purty gurl will win again.

  10. A goat's cheese tart and fish, christ I could have done that!

  11. Have a good one Davy and the Hs..

    Make the most of it - London will seem busy, cluttered and crowded when you come back

  12. I'm probably a bit late for the melon so I will just wish you and the family ~~Happy Hols~~

    Enjoy Gina.

    (We're down in Cornwall for a few days next week, forecast is dodgy but never mind).

  13. Jeepers Creepers! I post an isolated comment on your buggary blog and you leave the country. Well then, what more can I say... Bon voyage! Mais prenez garde au soleil!

    Un cadeau survotre retour: (sorry about the adverts).

  14. Ah, le synthpop Gallique DD, I never knew you cared.


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