Friday, August 06, 2010

It's Disco! With Guitars!

Your vote is well-hung.


  1. Outstanding choice Mr H.

    Just pouring a glass of rather good Chateau Grimard Rose, extremely good value at 12 euros for a 5 litre BIB.

    Here's to a relaxing weekend!

  2. Mrs H is still not back from a day out with her friends and I am in sole care of the girlies; the only booze in the house is tequila, but we've used up all the birthday margarita mix. I've nothing for their tea either. The situation is grim.


  4. That is not a good start to the weekend, maybe Mrs H will bring you something nice.

    Can't abide Tequila

  5. Phew, it's OK. We went to the Sainsbury's Local we signed a petition to stop them opening and bought fish fingers, peas and two bottles of Pinot Grig. Yeah baby.

  6. Ah the fickle finger of Friday night. Petitions me arse!

    'Cos I don't care about morals. Cos the world's insane and we're all to blame anyway'.

    Long week at work rewarded with a Swedish massage (from a hairy bloke from Dewsbury!). 4 cans of Red Stripe (just for a change) and a 4 egg Spanish omelette. (Word veri - stine)

    Girls on way back from some shopping sojourn involving the new big thang for 15 year olds - military boots! (I have 3 old pairs in the loft, ffs). They come with a zip down the side these days. (Used to say, 'Oh what a bastard to get off').

    Genius choice - for a tie, with a good turn-out, given the rain.

    Evening all.

  7. Or Gino Prigio as a friend of ours was calling it the other day. And Mrs Darce caused much merriment the other day when she referred to "Bass & Drum". he he.

    Off to pick up daughter from work now. Then I must finish my blog post.

  8. This was also in the running for disco/guitar tying.

    'Fiddle, cello, bass & drum'....?

  9. Was the lack of alcohol affecting your judgement that much!

    wv - caution, indeed

  10. Well, no - I was never going to post it officially: just hoped to sneak it in here (and have).

  11. Of course technically-speaking all disco has a guitar on it. So there.

    I'm drinking a glass of cheap Chianti while cooking a humungous steak.

  12. Excellent, excellent choice, sir. Glad you got your hands on some nourishing, life-giving booze.

  13. Quite acceptable dear boy. Glad my vote made the difference. Lord knows what nonsense we could have ended up with.

    Wasn't she simply divine...

  14. And that nonsense could have been Le Freak (don't it just say it all?...). However... what a lick. Why I'll never be able to play the guitar properly, really. Fingers simply won't do that thing.



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