Monday, August 09, 2010


Sitting reading last night and listening to the Blackpool Mecca comp, I was struck by just how terrific this is. It sounds so mid 70s Philly (and was a hit in '75), but it was recorded in 1971.

It's the kind of thing that's playing on those hot summer nights by the beach in the perfect August of my imagination.

The Trammps - 'Hold Back The Night' (1972)


  1. This is one of those tunes I know without needing to even hear it. Its one of those songs I knew before I was old enough to know what it was. This, Chairman Of The Board and Right Back Where We Started From. Tunes!

  2. Is why we love you Simon.

    Word verif = nonictio (is Italian for No arguments here! Probably).

  3. There must be something in the air. I was going to post a Mecca favourite tonight but decided on a bizarre piece of Blue Eyed Soul

  4. I saw them perform this once at a nightclub in New York, it was only a short set: Hold Back The Night, Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?, and Disco Inferno twice!

  5. I would like to have seen that.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday. Young 'un.


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