Friday, October 08, 2010

Easy Skanking

I was mighty pleased to grab a newly computerised Peel show tape of '79 vintage this week from the Wiki and delighted too to hear this on it, for the first time in an age: it made me want to upload my original old 7" from back in the day - so I have; and it's here and it's Friday and the sun is shining and it's been 23 degrees in London today, yeah baby.

I shall require a beverage.

The Beat - 'Ranking Full Stop' (1979)


  1. Taps the watch ..
    "Bar open Fawlty?"

    Thought I'd get in early doors and get comfy. Night's fair drawing in. Besides, you can get some right riff-raff in here later on;
    Southerners and all sorts. Landlord's a bloody good (pickled) egg though.

  2. 23 degrees,

    I'm off to the Mull of Kintyre tomorrow to spend a few days in a fucking wigwam, serves me right for asking a 6 year old what he wants to do for half term.

    Mine's a gin, Dickie, better make it a double.

    Have a good weekend comrades.

  3. In a wigwam. On Mull. In October.
    Dad Of The Year.

    *cough* Don't fancy it myself mind.

    BUT! always happy to welcome those who've served their country like the good Flight Sergeant - and a pint of the usual's 'in'. And if you care to view the menu I'm sure the lovely Denise will be only too happy to assist you.

  4. "dotoufad"

    I love The Beat. I just sat on a train from London surrounded by people with cans. Nobody offered me one. Might have to pour myself a little short one now I'm home.

  5. "There's 1 in the barrel for me, love". "Oh and a whisky chaser. I've had a chesty cough all week - been hacking up gold watches and phlem balls the size of newts".

    I tell yer what, if that Denise spent as long on her war hero customers as she does on her painted 'england flag' fingernails and canoodling with that scrote with the jeans halfway down his arse, we'd all be happier. And she'll catch a chill on her kidneys wearing that in this weather. Put it away. And if I wanted a tattoo with my beer, I'd go back to Hong Kong or Belize and have a map of the Empire emblazoned on me bell-end.

    "Ham and egg and chips, love. I'll not be aving any of that foreign muck".

    Dominoes Davide?

  6. Downloaded The Specials Beeb sessions today. A Two Tone tear~up. Would love to join you for a scoop, but off to see this lot at The Railway Hotel, Southend tonight

  7. Mull of Kintyre Mr H, even more inhospitable than Mull. It's half way to fucking Belfast, where we could all end up if the wind keeps up.

    wv - forth, other side of the country

  8. Ah Two Tone, never fails to set the pulse racing a bit. Not sure we call them 'fucking wigwams' anymore- shouldn't it be 'fucking tipi'?

  9. It's not the hours I mind, it's the people. Old blokes eyeing you up and givin' it all the 'Ooh tattoos is it?'. I wouldn't mind but it's not like they're big tippers, and that old airforce bloke, he has the one pint and makes it last an hour and it's all 'Dominoes Davide' and touch your bum, and sit on me knee sweetheart and to be honest? For minimum wage? I could do without.

  10. Tracy here barmaid from t' Fox and Ferret, Cudworth. I've met this lots sort afore Denise luv, ex military types full of their own importance, all wind,watter and wandrin ands. A good swift knee in't bollocks soin shuts em up.

    Join us evry Tuesday in't tap room ower here in Barnsley for t' weekly meeting a Union o Barmaids affiliated. We'll soin teach yer ow t deal wi his sort as weel as
    smooth southern softy types Caldoinian haggis bashers, hairy bikers,and lady wrestlers.

    Tha'll be reet welcome lass

  11. Happy Peel Day. Still miss you John.

  12. Fabulous take on fabulous music. Did you catch the Jolly Boys on Later with Jools last week? Simply marvellous.

  13. I haven't seen 'Later' for ages CF - perhaps they should put in on Earlier.


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