Monday, October 25, 2010

Keeping It Peel

Well it had to be a (UK) reggae Session from me, and not only that but one I heard and taped at the time, upstairs in the 70s house with a Westerly dashing rain against the window (transmission date 4th November, it was always raining in Devon in November).

There's a happy blog connection with this one too since many, many years on from having no version of this but my crappy mono cassette recording, a complete, clean copy found its way to me in comments here courtesy 'marc from newsgroups' (shout out Marc!). So I suppose posting this is a bit of my story and a bit of this blog's too, as well as a fragment of JP's.

Everyone has their classic period Peel, their time of listening most intensely and connecting most passionately, and mine ran from about 1980 to 1983. Peel himself was then a year or two younger than I am now; it was a peak time for the show, though there would be many more to come.

Laurel & Hardy (aka Paul Dawkins and Anthony Robinson) had one novelty hit with 'Clunk Click' then pretty much disappeared. Meanwhile when I 'scrobble' 'Tell Her Sey Me Sorry' to Last FM I get a picture of Stan and Ollie. But I am still playing it, thanks John.

Laurel & Hardy - 'Peel Session' (1982)

[The tracks are: 'Speeding', 'Tell Her Sey Me Sorry', 'Toast One Quick', 'You're Nicked'. The musicians are Laurel (v), Hardy (v) John Kpyaie (g) Spy (b) Angus Gaye(d) Reg Graham (k) Annie Whitehead (brs), Chris Layne (v)]


  1. I'm liking the Dixon of Dock Green banter towards the end!

  2. Am playing this as I type and a work colleague has just popped his head around my (open) door and asked me, in an accent to, 'pass da herrrbbb'. I think this was humour rather than racism. Possibly. Oh well. I do love this a lot. Great choice Davy!

  3. I've never heard this before. Will download immediately.

  4. Just heard via Simon the very sad news of Gregory Isaacs' death from lung cancer. He was just 59.

    Here's something lovely from his 2nd Peel Session, transmitted just a month after L&H's, on 6/12/82.

    Gregory Isaacs - 'Sad To Know You're Leaving' (Peel Session) (1982)

    RIP The Cool Ruler.


    Link is stil good...

  6. Oh gawd not another ' he was younger than i was now' . I can't cope.

    lovely stuff mind.



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