Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Reggae # 17

Deep Joy.

Play loud.

*An Aswad track was here*

[ *sigh* has responded to a copyright infringement notice and removed this file; I've removed the link. First in 17 Friday Reggae posts over nearly 4 years that this has happened with. Tune's on YouTube mind].


  1. Bit late today Mr H.

    Nice day in Byres Rd today, although not much of a haul from Oxfam music, couple of One Dove twelves that I already have but they were only 99p each.

    I've already had a Bloody Mary and have a nice bottle of Vina Sol chilling.

    Have a good weekend comrades.

    wv- coochies

  2. Guinness Red was absolutely a-ok tonight. You know that feeling, when it's going down like milk, but you still have other, er, 'responsibilities' to negotiate. Not least a 'Chinky' and some 'promised' home made CDs to compile.

    Hey, its colder up the shed these nights.

    Those who know their 'MI5' will spot the connection between Aswad and ...

  3. I still think you're making the Guinness Red up Dickie, either that or you have a strange kind of colour blindness.

  4. Oh yes, my first encounter with Brinsley, bless him = Double Deckers.

    If the Vina Sol is chilling, your Friday's off and running, I reckon.

    Guinness Red, on the other hand, seems only to be available in select public houses within 'the moonstruck limits of outer Leeds' (c) Alan Plater.

    Must go now afore Mrs H sluices all Grino Pigio.

    Love ya!

  5. Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you?

    It's as true as I'm sat on this camel.

  6. It's a grand pint tha nos is Red Guinness. Ah sell many a pint in't Cap n' Whippet, Grimethorpe.

    Reet popular wi old gits

    Sharon Tracy's mate

  7. You're not Sharon Tracey's mate, I am and I've got the black eye to prove it.

  8. I'll black yer other eye if I find out who yer are!

    Yer'll nivver get better of Sharon Shuttleworth

  9. Have a pop on this me and a mate used to do it in my old pre-blogging, bass playing days -acoustic version too.

  10. Oh yes. Classy bird is Trace, and no mistake. Doesn't form a shamrock in the head of yer pint, more a clenched fist.

    She has a rabid scorpion tattood on her left tit. And, when bending over and bottling up, she also displays a brown-stained g-string -which is a particularly attractive look.

  11. Eh up Dick lad obviosly tha knos a gud thing when tha see's it. Ah told that Denise yer won't such a bad chap after all.

    If ever yer darn Cudworth way call in't Fox n Ferret and I'll pull yer a pint a best and gi yer a flash o me scorpian.

    Wednesdays best cos Sharon wont be in it's er night for mud wrestling practice. She's best avoided er she's a right slapper

    Trace X


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