Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Quality Of Mersey

Great record this, and though the original's a lost soul classic, I still think I prefer the cover.

And I was pleased Paul Du Noyer was so kind about The Searchers in his book - 'the sound that was so special....radiant, chiming twin-guitars...a profound influence on The Byrds' Roger McGuinn' ; they weren't songwriters and couldn't compete with the Lennons and McCartneys and Davies and Stones, but their singles were so much a part of our late 60s infancies, always there, in the air, needles and pins-ah - shimmering clean.

I don't remember this one from the time, which made me love it all the more when it finally reached me on a reissue label sampler, sometime in the early 90s when it was otherwise all squall and baggy and blast.

The Searchers - 'Goodbye My Love' (1965)


  1. I love The Searchers, it's such a crisp sound, more chimey than The Byrds ever were if you ask me.

    I have this on an old tape, taped from one of those shows on Radio 1 back in the day that picked hits from a year and then told you what the year was at the end.

  2. Lovely. The Golden Hour: Master(Simon)Bates.

  3. And it was the year I was born.

  4. his mums going to be furious when she sees the state of her cheesegrater...
    what a treat. i think i only know needles and pins. is there more?

  5. hell the golden hour was just so eeeeeasy i mean there just weren't that many years. if you more than one wrong either way well....

  6. related doodahs round mineif you're feeling that way

  7. Love this. One of my first LPs was The Golden Hour of The Searchers.

    Have you heard He's Got No Love? A lost gem written by Curtis & Pender.

  8. Lovely work Mr H.

    They're still at it y'know.

  9. There are two rival outfits I think.

    Contractual tussles and cabaret eh? Seems it often ends that way.


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