Friday, December 16, 2011

August Christmas

Heard this for the first time just three days ago.

Mind, I can't listen to him without thinking of the Radio One Roadshow, Torre Abbey Meadows, Torquay 1982: when Mike Read Mike Read 275-285 opened proceedings with 'Stool Pigeon'.

It's not a very Christmassy memory, I'll grant ye.

I'm stumbling from a pub lunch to a nice-parents-from-the-school Christmas social drinkies tonight, so wish me well - I will almost certainly (inadvertedly) swear and make inappropriate remarks, much to Mrs H's chagrin.

August Darnell - 'Christmas On Riverside Drive' (1981)


  1. Inappropriate, oh how I love inappropriate. You wankers.
    I used to think that a stool pigeon was a manky disease ridden bird sat astride a turd.

    I trust that the 'nice parents' all wore nice jumpers and cursed the dreadful 2 cm of snow, whilst wiping Tarquin's poppet nose and crunching the 4x4 gears in a quaint Home Counties Laura Ashley wiped her quim on my velvet cutains kinda way.

    Ahem.. Had a quiet 4 pints on 'Mad Friday' in Leeds city centre. Was rather thankful - in an old man way - to catch a train and escape the 'Christmas Do' high-heeled sparkly green hosiery and flutes of pink 'champagne'against a cold backdrop of BNP thuggery and 'I Predict A Riot' festivities.

  2. It's the Coconuts house sound but almost meets The Clash, with The Talking Heads...great find. The cut of Christmas track that would have been a flexi on the Christmas edition of Flexipop..

    PS I've got Stool Pigeon on 12"

    Tonight I've been at the Crabbies Mulled Wine, now ginger beer, Jaipur next to go with the Vindaloo due soon. And few snifters o' this to finish while watching the 4 hour DVD with this birthday prezzie to self today. Or perhapsthis from Mrs M.

  3. me and her downstairs were just talking about your sort in a kind of enviable way. will there be things on sticks and lager in glasses? and living rooms that fit more than 3 folks in them? i can feel myself letting the side down already....

  4. Mad fucking Friday indeed, Just back from the Jetpacks, they were great what I could hear of them above the sound of fake Kelvinside accents wittering on all around. I think it was a private school Christmas party night out amongst the commoners. Tossers every last one.

  5. Just staggered to the computer after drinking considerable amount of red wine with visiting parents (mine)while Mrs Swiss is at friends house with local group of wives/mothers doing likewise. Younger staff went out straight from work. Quite envied them, while realising I was no longer younger staff and also quite relieved not to be drinking shots in a shit bar.

  6. Less of your effing and jeffing you lot, I am not well.

  7. whispers quietly: I think I remember seeing Kid and his 'nuts in Shepton Mallet (hmmm... or was it Chippenham?). Somewhat incongrous, whichever.


    Mrs Wagstaffe's rhubarb wine has a kick like a mule.
    Hope you didn't get sick on the teacher's elbow patched cardigan.

  9. Feeling vaguely human again. 3 and a half pints o' London Pride, decorated tree, all's well.

  10. Too soon to be decorating trees. I've got some of that crabbies mulled wine, not opened it yet, been on the orange spiced ginger beer instaed which I'd recommend in a bit of an alcopoppy way. I am also two days late here but there you go.

    Darcy, was it The Golddiggers?

  11. Too soon? It's 19th December man!

  12. As far as I know this is originally from the Ze collection "A Christmas Record" from 1981. Mine's a white vinyl copy - see what they've done there...

    A good source of Christmas tunes it is too, with Cristina's "Things Fall Apart" (top of the tree for me that one!), Was (not was) and The Waitresses amongst others.


    Word verification: "unkersh" - uncle after too many tipples?

  13. Thanks Phil, date amended - I saw it was from that comp but couldn't find a release year...mind, the several Guinnesses I had quaffed just before posting may have impaired my 'research' skills somewhat.

    Unkersh all over.


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