Friday, December 02, 2011

High Tide

Don't ya think the best thing about this is the way it starts just like the original before the stutter-crash! of Portishead's entrance at 0.12?

In a mostly dull week of darkening days that dragged, one of a few get-me-through Radio Moments was hearing this late Wednesday night on Claire Anderson's Late Lounge.

Drink news: I was forced to crack the emergency Guinness before the school quiz last night, so I'm imbibing a London Pride prior to a proper sit down with Senor Pinot in a bit. He sends hugs.

Paul Weller - 'Wild Wood (The Sheared Wood remix)' (1994)


  1. Going out for dinner tonight with friends, so need to cau' canny with the bevvy. Although after 2 days of enough bullshit to choke a horse I think I deserve to get shitfaced.

    And as for the baggage handler at Luton who bust open my Duffer of St George bag in order to find out that there was fuck all worth thieving, may you have the sound of Olly Murs on a loop inside your head for the duration of you poxy existance.

    Evening, Mr H, Large gin, tall glass, loads of ice, slice of lime and a bottle of Schwepps, if you will kind sir.

  2. Tune.
    Off to see Mick Jones and Pete Wylie. Gig that is, not for a drink with. Well, we will be drinking in the same venue as them, but not technically, with them. Unless...

  3. You came back to check your spelling? That's cau'cannying.

    (It's Schweppes, btw - see Dickie)

  4. I am not having a fucking good week, am I.

    Also went all the way into the Edinburgh office this afternoon to pick up some documents I need for Monday. Waited 'til Max finished school so he could go, one last time before it is shut down. Only to be hunted out by the office Nazi on H&S grounds. There were 5 people in the bloody place. I was not best pleased and I will have a wee word with her when my son is not around to feel any more uncomfortable than he did.

  5. I'm off the booze. Alcohol and 5am starts five days a week don't agree with each other. But also even a sniff of alcohol makes me want to smoke a cigarette. And I've been Nick O'Teen free since some point in July.

    Meanwhile, the Portishead mix of Wild Wood...I haven't listened for a while, but it always sounded to me like listening to music from two different rooms, slightly off kilter.

  6. But is that 'good' or 'bad' ?

  7. good. well in this case anyway. a small tescos lager and a watch of diner round here gearing up for a three day entertainthedearoldfolksathon.

  8. Oo-er. Let me know if you run out of Country.

  9. Usual please Gloria.

    By eck, it's a maelstrom of end-of-week mitherings in 'ere tonight and no mistake.

    Been an odd week ant it? Thankfully this country has focussed on the really vital issues, such as Jeremy Clarkson, or Strictly Come Dancing in the bastard Jungle.
    I mean, never mind the big fall out with Iran and their State supported attack on our Embassy, nor the latest Icelandic volcano eruption, nor a quick Eurozone debt apocalypse before bedtime.

    Had a trio of 'Yorkshire Terrier' ales tonight ahead of an absolute apex of a Chinky. (Oh and funnily enough, a KitKat Chunky).

    So anyway, my teenage daughter just said, "Britney Spears is 30 today. How old is that!"

    Dominoes anyone?

  10. Britney Spears is 30?

    What an old moose.

  11. Hmmm, yup, that's right, Davide. 1981 dont ya know. It's a generation (almost) since 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.
    It's alright though brother. Her gran - and your favourite; Billy JO Spears is 74!
    More of a blanket around the legs than on the ground.

  12. 5 Paulaners and half a bottle of villa antinori. the 12 yr old Jameson is coming out next. leinster after trouncing cardiff which is the only good news to hit dublin this week ( dublin - # 26 in the worlds best citys to live in bollox).

    oops, i did it again, howaya dave

    anyone else like this Romanzi Crimanali? I'd say Weller would

  13. School christmas fair tonight (on the 2nd! the 2nd! I ask you!), sneaking a bottle of Pale whilst working on the door (the deputy head bought it for me so I reckon it was allowed).

    Fives and Threes DVD?

  14. Ha! My first thought was fives and threes. anto, I have no idea what yez on about.

    Dickie, I swear to you that just 30 mins ago I was trawling Billy Jo clips on YouTube.


  15. a - Apart from the Jameson, which I know perfectly well what yez on about.

  16. 'Kinnell, that's worryingly telepathic that is. Are you Septic Peg in disuise?

    TWO Christmas Fairs, adam. Sooner it becomes a non-LEA secular Academy the better.

  17. oh, Paulaner Lovely german beer, villa antinori - cheap super tuscan lovely, leinster - rugby

    romanzo criminali (sp?) - italina crime show set in 70s. period detail excellent. drama element questionable. the womens feckin georgeous. the head on some of the sleaze bas that they cast is the bext thing. think sopranos without the depth. on sky arts 2

  18. *realises he has done nothing with his life*

  19. surely 'knowing' 12 yr old Jameson is enough Davish

  20. As it happens we became a secular non-LEA academy yesterday. My complaint was that it's only December 2nd and we're already having a christmas fair. I get into arguments about not wanting to put decorations up until Christmas Eve round my way.

  21. 4 houses on our street w/deckies up already. to bring some cheer in these times of bleakness. In the words of the Eric B, pass the hand grenades

  22. Without consciously trying to I keep finding myself watching Romanzo Criminale, it's great, reminds me of Mean Streets. And yes, that woman in it is a bit breathtaking.


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