Friday, December 09, 2011

The Smiling Hour

You know if silence was golden
You couldn't raise a dime

Mose Allison - 'Your Mind Is On Vacation' (1976)


  1. Smoooth.
    Evenin all. Parky innit? Throw another log on the fire. Quiet tonight.

    Can't stop. Just a swiftie Gloria. Peanut smuggling again eh luv. *Sid James laugh*

    Off out with Ginger to see The Undertones - if the Derry to Leeds plane managed to land.

    Teenage dreams - they're hard to beat.

  2. Have a good one Dickie. Quiet in here tonight innit?

  3. Everytime I walk down the street.

  4. Evening Gents,

    Just back from Belfast. Stopped off for a Tandoori mixed grill and a Peshwari naan.

    I'll have a Cuba Libre, Mr H, bit cold for a G&T.

    Teenage Dreams, what were they again, seems so long ago.

  5. Shattered?


    Curry here too tonight - supermarket ready-mades, but they were alreet nonetheless.

    Might investigate that lost Malt at back of the cupboard.

    Here's to Fridays and home.

  6. absolutely Davy.

    Here's to Friday's and home, indeed!

  7. We like those supermarket curries

  8. Another Friday, another school christmas fair. somehow or other I didn't manage to sit down and eat anything till eleven. I'm too old to eat this late, I'll be awake half the night now.

    Those supermarket curries are our takeaways - there isn't an indian near enough to use.

  9. Lovely track, try his "Parchman Farm" sometime for the best closing line.


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