Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Reggae # 32

A week off...

Queuing crazy early on a blustery Bank Holiday Monday to get in to the last day of Hockney at the RA.

Sating the curiosity of Mrs H and the girlies re. auctions in West London - a house clearance; diamonds and tut, a little bird singing on a gold music box.

A pub lunch by the squally river.

IKEA (!)

Finding the house in West Ealing where Mrs H was born.

Charity shop noodling (no purchase).

Driving about and listening to Robert Elms - thinking today, as listeners nominated favourite Gregory Isaacs tunes, why is there no reggae on mainstream radio, still?

Posting some from halcyon days - Top Ten singles and the cover of the NME.

Dennis Brown - 'Money In My Pocket' (1979)


  1. Thats one of my all time favourites that one. Lovely stuff.

  2. A week off.

    What did I do?




    oh and painting.

    Boys away to Legoland with gran and grandpa today. Friday teatime outing to pub. can't remember the last time I did this.

  3. Naughty!

    Me, I am taking up my mate Carlos's offer of a spare ticket to see Sir William Of Bragg tonight, unfortunately at Wembley Arena - and 'supporting' (outrageous!) shouty old Etonian troubadour-type Frank Turner, whose oeuvre I know not. We'll let you know, as they say.

    Chin chin companeros.

  4. It's a holiday every day for me at the moment but the schools are closed next week here so I'm on daughter duty then. Thankfully the sun will apparently be shining.

  5. Peter from Perth (Aust. not Scot.)April 14, 2012 1:09 am

    No Easter holiday for me - I did become a grandfather for the first time yesterday so that was pretty exciting. We celebrated with a good steak, a few glasses of red and London Calling on the iPod and Friday Night Football (Australian Rules) on the box.

  6. TGOE - the blog for grandpas: congratulations cobber.

  7. Easter hols and mooching around with the kids.. sigh - it's increasingly becoming a distant memory for us. Son is home from uni at the moment though.

    Dennis Brown: one of my favs, a reggae great and a great SOUL singer. Love his voice which can for no apparent reason reduce me to tears - especially "Should I"

  8. Peter from PerthApril 15, 2012 1:51 am

    TGOE - the blog for young grandpas who still appreciate good music and know a decent blog when they come across one!!!!



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