Thursday, April 05, 2012

Get The Funk 'n' Easter Weekend In Here

Thursday is the new Friday!

Enjoy the "break" - geddit??

Oh, please yourselves.

Mine's a large one, if you're going.

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - 'Superman Lover' (1976)


  1. Not sure about Thurday being the new Friday, wouldn't that make Saturday the new Sunday?

    Anyway, mine's a large one as well just as soon as I pick the boys up from my mother's. Then a week of lazing about to look forward to, I wish. I have been told that I am painting both bpoys bedrooms on my annual leave. Fecking great!

  2. oh, and i bloody hate this new wv shit!

  3. It's quite simple. Thursday is the new Friday, but Friday is Friday too - it's like a bonus Friday. Saturday is then - Saturday. Jolly good all round - unless perhaps you are oppressed and decorating, I accept.

  4. PS: I avoid decorating by being really really bad at it.

    I'll get you one in for when you're back.

  5. mighty kind of you Mr H and I'll save you some water.

  6. As the Bangles said, "It's just another Maundy Thursday. Oooh, ooh".

    Evidently Her Maj (doing the do in York today) has to give out the pence to the same number of people that match her age. So today, 86p to 86 men & 86 women. Not too bad a faff when you're 23, but what a frightfully tiresome bore with every year that passes one by. Mind you, she's got off lightly, monarchs afore Jamesey II would wash the poor smelly folks' feet every Maundy Thurs! And miss Top Of The Pops.

    Anyway, as a left-footer, the crux (can I say that?) of ALL religion can be summarised in the mandatum which the main man gave at the Last Supper (on this day about 2,000 yrs ago - probably) .. which was,
    “That you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”
    If we all did that, we'd be sorted. Innit.

  7. PS: Drew, cheers re. the water. Mrs H has just re-turfed the lawn, and we've been sprinkling regularly, but now it's against the law, apparently. If we could arrange a regular tanker-load, say of a Monday around 9am, that'd be great. Thanks for your support.

  8. When I can't be bothered going indoors, taking off my muddy boots and gardening gloves .. I just piss behind the shed.
    May I recommend that all those living south of Hemel Hempstead do the same, but on their hardy annuals.


  9. Another great one, the beginning made me think of Award Tour by Tribe. But I checked your whosampled website and didn't see a mention so maybe I'm off (would not be the first time).

    Happy Easter to you and yours x

  10. You too Greer - love the pics at yours today x


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