Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Reggae # 33

Nickel In The Machine Rob tweeted this week that he was working on a Marley comp for his 14 year old nephew - I hope this is on it.

Late early Wailers: old time vocal group harmonies and Lee Perry producing, irie.

Shall I go t'bar?

Bob Marley & The Wailers - 'Put It On' (1971)


  1. Evening Mr H,

    Can't keep The Alabama Shakes off the turntable. Got round to playing my vinyl version of SPZ album today, shocking pressing so much surface noise you would have thought it had been pressed in 1957. Complained to Domino who have agreed to send me a new copy.

    Record Shop Day tomorrow, early rise for Max and me, so maybe a London Pride and a OVD n cola but that will be about it.

    Have a good one.

    love the track btw

  2. I do not know what is SPZ or OVD, please contact original poster

  3. Been to pub, watched reggae britannia, now we're drunk bbblllgghhhhh.....

  4. Sorry I'm late, the dog ate my kebab.
    Last orders is it? Slip me a nightcap under the shutters, Deidre.
    Shame about Bert Weedon eh? Could be worse, could be raining. Just put my hosepipe up for sale on ebay.
    Been a long week. The new Marley film could be good. Mrs Van Dyke not too happy with my late appearance tonight. Asked her to do me a sausage butty, but not a chance. No woman,no fry.

  5. Ah, the government yard in Chapeltown...

  6. Spiritualized and OVD Rum.

    Record shop day, got all I wanted and the Fame singles boxset, so not a cheap day. Surprised at the lack of moaning Max did considering he was standing outside a record shop from 07:15 this morning. Had to go to Forbidden Planet and spend more money!

    Fall single on first listening, pish.

  7. Saw that Fame singles box.....that'll be a bit good, eh?


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