Friday, July 06, 2012

A Man Of England

Whilst great chunks of Britain are getting apocalyptic rain, in London this week we've had showers and then bursts of stinky hot sunshine. A bit tropical. It's confusing, musically. The weather always influences what I want to hear and by now it should be unbroken Balearica and things from Brazil, but those pesky clouds and dark spells keep knocking me back to winter. Am I coming or am I going? I really don't know.

We're off to see that nice Mr Albarn's Dr Dee show tonight at the English National Opera, no less. I don't imagine there'll be any stagediving but apparently there are live crows.

We'll walk there from Waterloo: rain or shine.

Chin chin.

Damon Albarn & Ray Davies - 'Waterloo Sunset (live on The White Room)' (1995)


  1. You never know - stage diving can happen in the strangest places. Check here at 50 seconds in

  2. Enjoy, A friend of mine went when it was up here last year (? This year? Dunno) and he didn't enjoy it all. But he's a miserable git. Don't know why he went.

  3. That should be good, I love a bit of Dr Dre myself (Haha). Are Damon and Ray related? Their voices sound like they were made to sing together. bloody marvellous.

  4. It was swell. The 'story' was not hard to follow, as some reviewers had said; the staging was jaw-dropping (good crows!...or possibly they were ravens, or possibly crows playing ravens), the music beautifully played and Mr A himself in fine voice.

    Afterwards, at the girlies request, we lurked by the stage door with only around 15-20 other people to shake his hand and take a picture. He was very kind and unassuming and made a special point of being lovely to the girls. Then he walked quietly down to The Lemon Tree pub next door for a pint with Tony Allen.

  5. 'at girlies request' ahem, does that include Mrs H? Ask her about Thin Lizzy and Be Bop Deluxe at the Dome... she sat on Phil Lynott's knee. Shame we didnt have iPhones in those days!!

  6. Or proper child protection laws, innit


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