Friday, July 20, 2012

Yeah Baby

I've been following Twitter trails to a lot of groovy music lately. Johnny Roast aka J.P's rare soul vinyl things on Soundcloud are especially glorious (are Soundcloud and Mixcloud steadily eclipsing mp3 blogs as a way of sharing and discovering great music? Probably).

I'm finding too that there are a lot of podcasted soul shows out there from specialist stations in both the UK and US; the archetype is great selections made by real enthusiasts, though you do sometimes have to tolerate rather hospital-radioey presenter styles.

I heard this last night on one such, loved it instantly and had to buy.

Classic soul horn sound.


Adriana Evans - 'Waiting' (2010)


  1. Weren't you once a hospital-radioey presenter? Not of the Smashy and Nicey variety obviously.

  2. i keep trying to do all that mix listening but i've been ruined by all these years of one song at a time and my poor ears wander after about twenty minutes. thankfully we have you to bring us gems like this. i shall be doing my sun dance to it again after this evenings well earned

  3. Johnny Roast's things are more lots of rare soul 45s laid end-to-end Ms A - you'll love them. Tell him I sent you.

    And well done with the sun-dancing because it seems to be working - "keep up a steady rhythm there" x

  4. mmmm, not feeling it Mr H. Bit too smooth for these ears.

    Bottle of London Pride, then out for dinner with the missus. Not my average Friday night.

    Have a good one

  5. please could you do one there to see if it works here. brrrrrrr

  6. The horn arrangement and beat do it for me Drewster.

    Blueness headed your way Ms A *dances*

    In other news, our delivery curry actually arrived. This is, frankly, remarkable given that we asked the first born, in a rite of passage moment, if she fancied calling them and she had to spell our address five times because the man at the end of the line couldn't get it. Happy days.


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