Monday, July 16, 2012

New York - London - Tokyo

Lifting this wet Monday morning in London with the sunny Sunday afternoon in NYC this song describes: perfect.

An internet trail story here - how playing Yasuko Agawa's 'L.A Night' (continued thanks to glen) led me to the list of her most played tracks on Last FM led me to the nu-bossa B-side of that 12" led me to uncovering this uptempo 2009 remix from Quasimode - 'a four piece jazz band based in Tokyo, Japan' - led to general joy.

The vocal version by Eddie Jefferson of the composer's original is a bit groovy too.

Yasuko Agawa - 'New York Afternoon (Quasimode Remix)' (2009)


  1. Well that gorgeous thing got Shirl shakin' more than maraccas, boss!


  2. Davy, I need advice. Seems like Mediafire is going t*ts up on me. Has been reliable for you? No blocks or take downs? Does it give stats on number of downloads? Always shied away from it cos it asks for name and email on sign up. Would have sent this to your email addy but can't find it and I still can't be doing with twitter. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  3. Box is cracking Darce: no pop-ups, lots of free bandwidth and punters can play mp3s without having to download. No blocks or take downs since I've used it.

    PS: I've popped you an email so's you have my address.

  4. Thanks for speedy reply (twitteresque!). I'll soon be boxing clever.

    This is a great track btw.

  5. Isn't it? I'm very jazzy at the mo.


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