Friday, September 21, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Been on a jazz tip all week.

'S the way it goes round here, sometimes.

Breaking into cocktail hour with this swingin' mother.


Roy Haynes - 'Dorian' (1977)


  1. Nice!

    Glad to see Friday nights back to normal.

    Preprandial g&t for me Mr H, see Dickie I do take note.

    Cooking for the in-laws tonight, my 5 hr Ragu.

    Was off today and cleaned the cooker, glass on doors of ovens took ages even with the Cilit Bang.

    Have a good one.

  2. You're a domestic goddess Drewster.

    Have kicked things off here with a cheap rosado but there's something of the cough medicine about it, so I may have to switch to the Pinot G.

    5 hours is a long time to wait for yer tea.

  3. huuuuuuuuuuuuge record. enormous even. boy i love those modal sounds. i'm jazz waltzing round the kitchen as soon as i stop typing

  4. Ooh, I was gonna say, 'Nice!'

    Glad you got the word 'preprandial' in there drewy boy.
    At 1st glance, I thought 'cilit bang' said summat else! (Well, my eyes ARE almost 50 now).

    And 'My 5 Hour Ragu' sounds either like a sexual penance or a Prog Rock album from 1971.(Same thing really).

    Fancy a strong cold Thatcher's cider to kick things off tonight. Will need to move the 3rd bottle away though - or I'll be babbling and blowing like an egg-bound sperm whale by 9pm.

    Waltz with me allykins.

    Keep warm lovelies. Dickie x

  5. That Thatcher's cider was proper job down in Zummerzet in Aug. Though like Drew said, you have to get over the name ('There is no such thing as sobriety').

  6. Have held off the booze til now but can't wait any longer. To the wine cellar, pronto.

  7. Just tucking into a Cabernet/Petit Verdot. Yum Yum.

    It's Friday night, it's nearly dark, the temperature is dropping fast, I'm playing Love Unlimited "It Maybe Winter Outside" (a 30p chazza purchase today), I'm commenting on TGOE. Summer (what summer?) is nearly over but I don't mind, batteries are recharged and I feel another another winter of blogging ahead. As Drew said Friday nights back to normal.


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