Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hide Your Face From Searching Eyes

I danced around the Durutti Column (not actually a pagan rite) for donkey's - knowing the FAC history, borrowing and taping LPs from the library and loving single tracks on comps and so on, but it was a big and daunting body of work I only really plunged properly into five years or so back, and I still have lots more of it to explore.

Sunlight To Blue...Blue To Blackness, a late, post-Anthony H. Wilson album soaked through with mourning for him I downloaded via some emusic package, offered up so many brilliant things; this I've already blogged, and 'Demo For Gathering Dust', a dark and lovely flamenco I've played over and over these past years but only this week found in vocal form on the album before.

Vini, who has had the roughest time of it recently, must be both the greatest and most criminally undersung guitar player of our time - though not by those who know - amongst them Johnny Marr and, as I found out today when I was about to post this, Roddy Frame, who tweeted...

"When I was 15/16 I tried to play guitar like Vini Reilly..."

The Durutti Column website is here.

The Durutti Column - 'Demo For Gathering Dust' (2008)
The Durutti Column - 'Gathering Dust' (2007)


  1. Ask myself why I missed this tracks. Love DC from their first record, that is still on rotation on my turntable. Great music from a great band. Thank you Davy.

  2. You're welcome Walter. I recommend the 'Sunlight To Blue' record.

  3. Vini is the man. Seen Durutti play several times over the years, always amazing.

  4. I too have been lucky enough to see them a few times:
    the last time was the launch of Factory Too which was superb!
    think Durutti Column have one of the biggest playlists on my tunes, always popping up between tracks when shuffled:

  5. somehow lost the durutti column after oh heavens an awful long time ago... after that factory week at the riverside when i saw them twice doing all of whatever the lp then was the quite orchestrated one very lovely but unplayed since nearly as long ago. i dug out lc after seeing vini round here lots and it's magic. the record and seeing vini round here. marie louise gardens is at the end of the road and he used to always be drinking coffee outside some faux french chain on the high street but since word of his skintness got out he seems to be hiding.
    anyhoo ta for the nudge (as ever) will investigate more

  6. ps
    how wonderful's that bit of roddy?


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