Friday, May 03, 2013

Old Lag

Where am I? What time is it? Where'd all the big yellow taxis go? Wha_?

Odyssey - 'Native New Yorker' (1977)


  1. G & T for me Glo and whatever the man that doesn't know if it's New York or New Year over there wants.

    I have to admit that Luton was nearly bearable this week what with the sunny weather and staying in Harpenden probably helped. Still, good to be home even if it is pissing down.

  2. I'll have one too. Welcome back Davy. Whatever time zone you're currently in.

  3. 2 fingers for the wanderer Glo. Nooo, pet. Not like that!
    Bedfordshire or Bronx; we're all part of this great big bunion.

    Boddies for me - chilled to optimise the widget.

  4. Am moving on to bottled ales from Sainsburys. Currently on Summer Ale, then a Spitfire I think. have a bottle of your London Pride too.

  5. Damn and I thought that cupboard was properly secured

  6. Excuse me, can I join in, only for tonight?
    I had made a promise, you see, gentlemen, so this time your drinks are on me. May I suggest this bottle of Barbera del Monferrato I just uncorked?
    As for myself, I'll have a small glass and then bed.
    I'm a teacher too, SA, and I have to go to work early tomorrow.
    Hope I didn't annoy you, thanks and goodnight.

  7. Lomond Gold and Seven Giraffes for me SA

  8. Welcome all!
    Davy is asleep under the pool table. He's mumbling something in his dreams about the scandal and the vice.

    International entente cordial - with ice please Gloria.
    What a treat to see so many faces in here tonight. Here's to Luca and his lovely generosity. (School on a Saturday mate! Surely not the most sensible EU policy?)

  9. Sante Luca. School on a Saturday? Madness. This bottle of Barbera del Monferrao is very pleasant. Avanti!

  10. Just back from pub, SA's fault. I will have a small, fuck it, large rum to finish off the night and whatever everybody else is having, better put Luca's behind the bar for next week!

    Anyway, why are the people I meet here the people I would rather spend time with, than the people I actually had to spend time with tonight?

    slàinte mhath!

  11. *Wakes Rip Van Winkle-like to find empty bottles of Barbera de Monferrao, Lomond Gold & Pride; Dickie passed out on the sofa in front of QVC. Starts on washing up*

  12. I was thinking that Drew- I think I like you lot more than my 'real' friends.

    Sorry. Will pull myself together now.


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