Friday, June 28, 2013

Yeah Baby

I have this terrific mix to thank for introducing me to the Jackson 5 outtake that was 'My Jam' (!) last week. What a track. Song by Stevie Wonder - again.

New York City was hot. Music in the cafés at night and fountains in Washington Square.

I kept my promise to myself; I bought a litre of Tanqueray duty free.

The Jackson 5 - 'Buttercup' (1973)


  1. 'It's nice to know you're here!'

    I have brought a large sausage to make you feel at home.

  2. I have some haribo. And lucozade. I am 12.

  3. All this rain up here doesn't put me in mind for G&T somehow. Would you like some olives?

  4. Anybody wants a limoncello?
    Feeling tired. In need of something sweet and a good soul edit.
    Cheers everybody.


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