Monday, June 17, 2013

We're Doing Fine

Lately I've found I've more consistently liked the music Paul Weller recommends (in interviews and so on) than the music Paul Weller makes.

I was flicking through the end of 2012 review in an old Mojo the other night and saw he mentioned this in his 'Best Thing I've Heard All Year' list.....'She's Dionne's sister, and it starts off as this great guitar song - it could be The Lovin' Spoonful - before it turns into this amazing soul tune'.

He's right you know.

Dee Dee Warwick - 'We're Doing Fine' (1965)

There's also a 'BBC Session' version by Dusty.


  1. Ooh! That is cracking.

    And the sentiment understood!


  2. Love Dee Dee Warwick. You should hear her sing "I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do" if you want to be reduced to a weeping puddle.


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