Monday, June 24, 2013

Golden Lady

I'm off back to New York tomorrow.

I know - yawn. It's like it's become the new Zone 17 on my Oyster Card, right?

So I won't blether on about that.

What I'll say, as I have before, is that every time at 99p Soul there's one song - that, in the moment and of itself, is the...moment. 

And this time it was this. Very, very gloriously.
Thank you Emma x

Stevie Wonder - 'Golden Lady' (1973)

PS: Those of you not Twittering may have missed this, too...

Stevie Wonder - 'Golden Lady (Scrimshire Edit)' (2013)

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PPS: I am planning to bring back some duty free Tanqueray: see you Friday companeros x


  1. Frequent flyer. Some Tanqueray would be lovely.

  2. Wouldn't have wasted a Crunchie on you had we known you were gonna be so flighty.

  3. tee hee

    It was a very nice Crunchie, as was the kindness

  4. In relation to a previous conversation, see this -

  5. So want to achieve that word spacing again.

  6. Not quite NY, am on slow train to Cardiff from Yorks. The Who doin Quadrophenia et al. Sunny on the verdant hilly borders. A few pre show bevvies with an old mate.
    Bring back a lme, Limey!
    5:15 Jimmy.

    DVD x

  7. Pack some shorts, it's very hot and sticky here at the mo.

  8. I did and it most certainly was


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