Saturday, September 07, 2013

Into The Cool

That last blast of heat gone, and in comes the cool; slanting sunlight through the trees, and sad jazz piano's now the thing, it really is.

Michael Garrick Trio - 'Prayer' (1972)


  1. great sounds, thanks.

  2. and cardigans. they go awfully well with sad jazz piano. as does a large warming bourbon
    keep warm dearie

  3. I need a waistcoat - and not one of those silly skinny ones for skinny young dudes either, obvs - a real 'old buffer in the snug' one. And a snug would be nice too, come to think of it.

  4. My autumn has started today with the sad moody sounds of The Walkabouts, all folk/country and Scott Walker moves. And Tindersticks too, who have worked with members of The Walkabouts before, and at times sound very very similar.

    I'm going to dress in black and wear shades at night time.

  5. Hey. It's cloudy in Dubrovnik today. WTF!


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