Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Out Of The Cool

More autumnal jazz, wistful for warmer places - this from the long-time Miles Davis collaborator, orchestrator and friend's 1960 big band album, one of the first four releases on the legendary Impulse! label.

The Gil Evans Orchestra - 'Where Flamingos Fly' (1960)


  1. You on a jazz tip then? I know I have been of late. I picked up this LP in a chazza a year or two ago. Must dig it out again.

  2. There are some wonderful things on it. And amazingly, it was recorded the same year as 'Sketches Of Spain' with Miles.

  3. i've got to listen to the jazz in private. the mrs won't have it. specially if there's saxamaphone (the simpsons still rule too much of my vocabulary). it'll be beret madness next time she's out

  4. Tell her davy sez this is lush, but cool, orchestrated loveliness x


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