Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Siren Song

Many Happy Returns Elizabeth Davidson Fraser, 44 today.

Gossamer, rococo, soaring - and that'll just be her birthday cake (arf arf).

Cocteau Twins - 'Garlands' (1983)
Tell me I'm not alone in still loving and playing their thrillingly dark debut?

This Mortal Coil - 'Song To The Siren' (1983)
Ah, bury me to this. At sea.

Elizabeth Fraser & Jeff Buckley - 'All Flowers In Time' (unreleased demo - c.1995)
The worst kept secret on the net - but boy is it good.

Elizabeth Fraser - 'Underwater' (2000)
Ultra-rare 9 minute white-label trance outing. You're welcome.

We are promised new solo Liz stuff soon; wish it would hurry, it's been taking its time...

[Lots more Cocteau Twins rarities for download free at their official site. Buy Garlands here, It'll End In Tears here].


  1. Happy birthday indeed. What a great voice. When we first got internet access at work in the mid nineties and I found out about lyric sites one of the first things I did was look up the words to Pearly Dewdrops Drops. Even my wildest guesses were not even close.

  2. Mick wins "comment of the week"

    That was pure class!

    You know, in my other worldly life, I actually married Elizabeth...

    And our children had a number 1 album entitled "Running through the long summer grass with the sun shining and the birds singing"

    It is true. In my head.

    Great post Davy and selections.

    That demo has always made me weep with regret about 'what might have been...'


    The tears are coming again, Bobby W...

  3. Mick - LOL. Aren't the Cocteaus lyrics on those sites all wild guesses themselves though? Bet yours were more fun.

    Colin - children = Cicely, Domino, Aloysius, Frou Frou and Tishbite I assume?

    The unrealised potential of the EF/JB collaboration is indeed throat-lumpingly melancholic.

    Shall we start a blog called The Poor Boys Are Weeping, or something?

    PS: Word verification = ahrfg, which pretty much sums up today for me.

  4. Reminds me, i haven't profiled the Cocteaus yet. Thanks davy once again...class.

  5. Great stuff here, as ever. A friend of mine manaages Liz - he's been talking about the slow progress of her solo album for the twelve years I've known him

  6. Couldn't agree more about the first Cocteaus record. "Wax and Wane" is magnificently scary, and scarily magnificent. It makes me want to ululate imcomprehensibly.

  7. Thankyou Stevie, and Rob - I think. 12 years?!! Maaan!

    C&B: Incomprehensible ululation = underestimated in our culture. Ululate now!


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