Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blue Tuesday

A few too many late nights lately, and that next day lethargy that comes with them; I'd been doing so well too with the cycling helping me crunch up the calories (I bought a new bike, and it's been brill; whizzing round the park with my lungs working for the first time in ages, it feels).

London is emptying - well, our bit of it seems like it is, anyhow....and you feel odd and a little melancholy still to be here, kicking about, hoping for a sunny day, getting one sometimes.

We have a few days before we head South too - across the Channel, down on the autoroutes, into (we hope) the Blue encore une fois.

Here's a bitta Oscar I picked up just yesterday. "Nice".

Oscar Peterson Trio - 'Night Train' (1962)


  1. Summertime blues... very perfect!

  2. Love the album too, and a truly incredible pianist - have you checked out Georgie Fames Night Train? Funky-funky-funky

  3. ver nice. oh yes. and everyone from your bit must be round here cos your west end is the fullest i've known it in years.
    oscars a big fave round my dads too as it goes so i'll pop this off to him to give his silver surfer skills a good testing.

  4. Music supplies to Ally's Dad! I have arrived.

    There ain't no cure for them Gabbi - though checking out some Georgie might help, ta Mond.

  5. You'll find it on - 'Rhythm and Blues at the Flamingo' almost bootleg quality and muddy as a landslide, but sizzling. Some great announcemnts over the bar too if I remember "hamburgers and cokes available at the bar" no mention of minerals though - whatever they where?

  6. Is this another chance for me to witter on about seeing Georgie Fame in our Sainsbury's Local? I fear it might be.


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