Thursday, August 13, 2009

En Vacances

So our bags are packed, we're ready to go, the motor's waiting outside our doh, etc.

We have the obligatory early rise tomorrow (boo!), but Big Fat Breakfast on the ferry (hooray!) before several long hours of autorouting South begin. Should hit Paris and the fairground ride-like thrills of the périphérique around lunchtime, the stopover budget hotel by teatime, the Rustic Retreat (sic) we're renting sometime Saturday afternoon.

About this we are excited, there being apparently two cats and five chickens to look after, eggs to collect and, undoubtedly, small and very nimble lizards to attempt, and fail, to catch. Et du vin rouge, naturellement.

There's no internet connection and no dishwasher; whether I miss you or the 40 minute hot-wash setting more, we'll have to see.

Don't be daft, it'll be you of course!

Good job I'll have with me all the lovely music we've blethered on about and shared to remember you by, eh?

We're back Aug 25th.

Look after yourselves x

Françoise Hardy - 'Qu'Ils Sont Heureux' (1966)
Canned Heat - 'Going Up The Country' (1968)


  1. Returnez vouz tout suite, davy lad - avec les beau fils et la frangrant Madame H.

    I too am stepping out beyond the shed; Alicante and Cornwall. (I'm just one crazy Whicker-type mutha). Wherever I lay my flat cap, that's my home.

    All in all, it might as jolly well rain until September.

  2. Have a good one Davy and go easy on Le Plonk..It's my 2nd anniv of blogging this weekend - take a copy of a mix I've made for it in your CD bundle if you fancy..

    Have a good one.

    PS have you ever been in a 'Tabac' - I like the idea, but always speckled with surly faced sippers

  3. Cor, cheers Mond, that mix got here just in time to slip in me washbag.

    Taking the Costa Brava plane eh Dickie Boy? Ay viva Espana, 'appen.

  4. Oh blimey, what with you and Dickie both being away at the same time, who's going to sign my guestbook over the next couple of weeks (apart from the Invisible Man)?!

    Happy holidays, the pair of yer! :)

  5. And I was having my best ever month in Universally Challenged too!

    Support The Kips!!

  6. I am so jealous. We have friends who have a farmhouse in a place called Velines near Sante-Foye-la-Grande which we go to every couple of years but couldn't go this year as L is too young but booked for next year.

    Bon vacances, Mr H et famille

  7. you have fun dear don't mind me i'll be (cough) fine....


  8. I can't believe you're leaving us like this! And with Ally sick!


    *sigh* have fun...

  9. Oh! And so many days left yet to ponder your absence, xoxox


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