Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sad Songs & Sunsets

Yes, yes, I know some of you North Americans drive 700 miles for a pint of milk of an evening but for tiny little island types like me that's a long (11 hours!) drive in a day, so you'll excuse me if I'm a tad post-autoroute today, all unkempt demeanour and dirty washing, and not especially inspired as a consequence.

We had a lovely time, thank you - like we had driven into summer: it was sunsets and rosé and acting like we were kings o' the hill.

Had one great night in particular cooking after sundown with John Peel's 40th Birthday Party Show playing on the iPo, the girls chasing the cats and chickens around outside and Mrs H with her nose in a book and a bottle....sigh.

This is, as JP says, a very sad song (on his own Dandelion label) and I was very happy when I heard it, but nevertheless it was a....moment.....you know?

Mike Hart - 'Almost Liverpool 8' (1969)

I've posted the actual (bit hissy) clip from the show with Peelie's intro/outro, but you can buy the original here, like I just did.


  1. Mike Hart Bleeds???? That's as bad as Mike Love, Not War.

    Welcome home. You missed a haetwave in England. Well, er, last weekend was quite nice.

  2. He didn't take it very well did he - does it say if he's over it now in the sleeve notes?

    Did you have a smashing time?

    PS try and find Peelie's last Perfumed Garden show if you can - it's out on the net somewhere - and sounds like the closedown of hippy FM, loaded with some great tunes..

  3. There's something very groovy about listening to old radio shows isn't there? Especially JP's of course, but there's something time-in-a-bottle about any old thing, I find. Will you waft the Perfumed my way if you find it first Mond?

    Mick: I always preferred Mike Love Is A C**t - oh, wait, that isn't an album title, just a statement of fact ; )

  4. Do you do Torrents? I don't, but a mate who does - grabbed and burnt..

    The full track list and date is here

    And yes to old radio shows - we took some radio adaptations of Dad's Army on last years hols (downloadable via the net too)

  5. I can neither confirm nor deny I do Torrents Mond. But, er, ta.

    Did you hear the chap who played Private Sponge had died?

  6. Lovely and sad... thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Gabs, you are most welcome.

  8. my Internet connection is being pesky so I'll come back tomorrow for the tune but welcome home, very nice to have you back & I'm glad it was such wonderful time.

  9. Thank you my dear, it is nice to be missed.

  10. Excellent song, like it a lot. I also have to say that, being an American, 11+ hour drives are no fun for us either. A friend and I once made a 12 hours drive to Chicago on a whim. Very exhausting experience, but the pizza was great.

  11. You see! 12 hours on a whim! For pizza! I go somewhere on a whim it's to the charity shop on the bus!! You crazy American Yes Man you!!

    PS: glad you like the song.

  12. Nice to hear this complete with voice over and static. They just don't make radio shows of JP's calibre anymore, more's the pity.

  13. Welcome home, Davy! It's good to have you back.


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