Friday, August 07, 2009

I Think I Went To Heaven

Three hours to kill whilst the car got its service and M.O.T, I thought I'd pop up to Notting Hill Gate and have a look at Mick Jones's clobber whilst there's still time, thanks Miss Ally for the reminder.

Bloody marvellous - BOAC bags, Clash tour guitar cases, Linn drum machines, Grundig radiograms, ancient samplers, as-worn-in-famous-photoshoots shirts (several), B.A.D set lists, mix tapes, videos, LPs, old punk fanzines, a hundred NMEs, Beatles Books and defunct pop mags, Shoot annuals, Dixon of Dock Green games (!) signed copies of Peter Orlovsky's poems ("To Mick Jones & Joe Strummer 1981"), toy redcoats and zulus frozen fighting the Battle of Rourke's Drift, Dinky models, London Calling gold discs, plastic Statues Of Liberty.

And then I grab a very nice anchovy pizza slice here and pop in to the Uxbridge for a pint where the bloke at the bar in the big hat and musical-note socks can't help but ask me about my 1977 t-shirt, which was a birthday present from Mrs H, and it turns out he's Gaz Mayall, ska-skankin' son of John, who's just made a record about Ronnie Biggs - released today, turns 80 tomorrow - "in the spirit of 77" with..........Mick Jones.

My friends, I call that a good Friday morning.

(They gave the car a vacuum too).

Have some Clash rappin'...

The Clash - 'The Magnificent Seven' (1980)


  1. A Friday morning well spent, for once I am a little bit envious of you living in London.

  2. I was going to try and get there this weekend, but now times got away from me and the chances of getting across to West London have disappeared, especially as half the tubes out of action this weekend...lucky git...

  3. Plenty of time Simon - it's there till 23rd August - and open till 7pm.

    Go, take Alfie - you'll love it.

  4. Don't git much better than that...


  5. Hmmm. Frog green with envy, as my morn is highlighted thus:

    06:30 - Joke 'call to prayer' wailing alarm clock goes off. Choke as Sugar Puff went down 'the wrong hole'. Biscuit falls in tea mid-dunk. Blunt razor. No hot water. Caught cock in zip. Train full of excited lads n lasses going to Headingley for England v Australia match.. as I troop all forlorn to office. 2 key workers fail to report due to 'Swine Flu' .. allegedly. Networking issues leave me 'impotent of the airways'. Disabled workmate accidently drives electric wheelchair into toilet; porcelein smashes into a dozen pieces. Poo floats along tiled floor. Fan stops revolving. Cream cheese gone mouldy in dodgy work fridge.

    Oh yes Davy - a riot of my own.

    Bottoms up old boy.

  6. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. I'm not in London past the 21st. Never mind West London, try West Country....

  7. Mrs H sez "Dickie needs TLC".

    But there's still enough time Smoni.

    And no Mart, it do not x

  8. Sounds great- one of those 'I wish I lived in London' moments. I want to see Mick Jones's collection too.

  9. Maybe it'll end up touring the country, the world - who knows?

    I asked the guys today 'How long you here for?' and they pointed somberly to the sign - 'AUGUST 23RD'.

    'And what happens after that?'

    'We squat the place. And we open for select invited guests only. And anyone that looks like a bailiff is barred'.

    Old punks eh? Tchh.

  10. Could you ask for a better few hours?

  11. Lovely Friday Davy... never had an anchovy pizza before? Clearly must try now. Thank you so much for music also.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  12. Now I know a lot of you are thinking 'Anchovy pizza? BLEUUCH'
    but it really was superb; drenched in extra virgin olive oil, a hint of rosemary. It's a Sicilian thing, I believe.

    You could not Tim - and everyone should go see your blog companero.

  13. OMG, it's the freakin' pizza that you lot are wow'd about? hahaha I love this blog :) Excellent day, excellent round of comments/stories. I read them aloud to the missus and we had a good giggle this Sunday afternoon, thanks xoxoox!

  14. But I came round to see if you're a user as I've just drank the kool-aide over there and wanted to take you into my circle, dear DavyH, <3

  15. a well done that man - imagine having a shed big enough for all that glorious stuff...bliss. we're off this week for an extra helping

  16. Look out for me in the visitors book Miss A.

    Tarty - we are, predictably, a 'Low' x


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