Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Cold Outside...

Hey! That's Billy Currie on keyboards!


  1. A whole weekend with nothing planned, glorious.

    A gin, me thinks!

    Have a good one Mr H

  2. Cheers dear boy - I'm on the Pinot Grig ce soir.

  3. And finding those 'I am android/alien/alienated/coked up' stares the soon-to-be-fired members of Tubeway Army are doing hilarious.

  4. I always thought the drums were great on those old Tubeway Army songs. Older bloggers might remember my 2007 post about life after Numan for the band members. The links are dead now - could be worth a re-post.

    Word verification: factanu
    Sounds like a Vic Reeves catchphrase.

  5. I used to have an eranu t-shirt actually. Sadly, though, it didn't prove as durable as the catchphrase (word) itself.

    Those band member stares really were a bad idea! They look like a bunch of extras from Dawn of the Dead or something.

  6. They wish! They look like a bunch of badly mulleted blokes from 'Middlesex' trying to be rock and roll, is what!

    Triff song tho.

  7. PS: Isn't it incredible that this synth classic has real drums on? It just struck me. Two years later it'd be drum machines a go-go. Or those synthy ones you slap that go bo bo.

  8. Real bass and guitar too. It's a lot rockier than you think.


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