Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doo Wop That Thing (Again)

Recommended by Simon out of a post by Miss Ally which also inspired Darcy.

A record that must honestly be described as 'magnificent' that got here because we are all connected and so is as fine a thing I can think of for this blog's 600th post.

Thank you! I love you all!

The Dells - 'Stay In My Corner' (1965)


  1. I'm the bloke in your corner ... 600 n.o.
    The 1 with the towels, spit bucket, cotton buds and ahem, Vaseline. I'll also nick your glove and pull out a bit of stuffing, in case you're getting a reet good pummelling and need more time to recover.
    I'll always be there - unless the other fella offers more money ... obviously.

  2. Congratulations on your 600th post. Keep up the great work

  3. Hey, thanks for being there chaps; Dickie, please don't let the big man hit me again.

  4. Pleased to be part of your 600th!

    Nice one!

  5. Well done Mr H, 600 post and most of them excellent, except that Jones Girls one! That tune was bad and I mean bad in the original meaning of the word.

  6. 600 ??? blimey. you industrious little tyke. well done you.

    and what a super tune to do it all to

    many happy returns

  7. Just to say, I am entirely lacking in inspiration for a Friday post tonight, so will give it a miss I think. In any case, The Dells is so good it deserves top billing for at least a couple of days, doesn't it?

    Anyway. What lovely weather we're having. And how quiet it is in SW London without one plane per minute roaring in across us to Heathrow.

    I have just played the girlies 'Oh Look, There Goes Concorde Again' from Spotify and they agree with me that it is 1) the most annoying thing ever and 2) very funny.

  8. To further twist The Dells theme...

    Give Your Davy A Standing Ovation!


    Alas, no news as to Dap Tone goodies, so it probably went to someone else. :(

  9. Hmm. Really? Oh. Erm...nervous cough..jeez, I'm not sure how to break this to you Bill, but..*sigh* a package from Daptone was delivered to a house on a humble London street today...


  10. Congrats x 2 then!

    Enjoy and still am thankful for your kind words and discovering your blog as well.

    Of course, since you felt I should have won, feel free to pop it back in the post!
    I'll even pay for shipping.LOL

  11. That's sorted then - we all love The Dells.

    Belated congrats on your 600th. Only just caught up - and you mentioned me too. (Note to self: must try harder to keep up). Great weather and Ruby Turner are my only excuses.

  12. Eminently respectable ones, I'd say.

  13. Dear MrH:

    We are not so much with the sleeping over here (teething etc) and often when I stumble round your way there's nothing left in the tank, so to speak, so please allow me to say:

    1. thank you for the Sarah

    2. thank you for the Frank (and I didn't even know about those recordings so I still have all that to look forward to!)

    3. lovely poem

    4. I'm probably forgetting something

    5. 600 posts and yet you are looking more youthful than ever. Fantastic tune and here's to at least 600 more.

    Sleepily but sincerely,

  14. Dear Sleepless in San Francisco,

    Bless! Thank you. I hope those first little teeth are through soon.


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