Friday, April 30, 2010

One That Got Away

It's no good you know.

I was so convinced that my return trip to the charity shop would be successful and that I'd pick this up on 7" that now I can't countenance posting anything else.

Not lovingly ripped from the vinyl.

Here's to one that got away.

Robert Knight - 'Love On A Mountain Top' (1973)


  1. It really is a good track as well, bugger. I hate when that happens. I remember when I was a younger not buying a copy of Ce Ce Rodgers Someday in a charity shop, going back the next day to find it was gone andd then having to pay a fortune for a copy as it niggled me so much.

    You could buy a copy at discogs for 20p -

    Good weekend ahead, Dinner with the good lady tonight and relegation decider at the football tomorrow.

    Have a good long weekend Mr H.

  2. Thank you dear boy, same to you. Sorry for the delay in responding: just got back from dropping the youngest daughter at Brownie camp. As rain clouds gather above West London skies....


  3. oooooh what a treasure - did it come in that cover??? i'd've bought it just for that even if it wasn't a pop/northern classic.
    and oh your poor dear offspring. why does anyone try to do anything outdoors of a bank holiday huh? then again i've only got a dribble of bourbon and i forgot to go to the library so that's me soggy...

    i think i can feel some blog tennis coming on

  4. No, no, no Miss A, distress ye not, it was not in that cover - BUT! it was on the original Monument label (with matching sleeve) and I did have it figured as mine.

    Stupid me, as Drew quite rightly says, for turning up without a quid, even in me pocket lining.

    Mind you - POUND NOTES!!!! Scotland, are you mad?

  5. PS: Oh yes. Youngest daughter faces a Bank Holiday of rain, bunk beds and beans.

    She'll love it, if I know her.

  6. I'd have hated it at her age.

  7. Damn. I still remember a nice mint copy of All Or Nothing that I never bought at a jumble sale once. 25p.

  8. Share your pain people! It's group therapy!

    Then nip over to Miss A's.

  9. The, er, chap in the blue satin jumpsuit... was I having a harder afternoon than I'd realised? I suppose he's the kind of fellow I might have halucinated... I'd think I followed an old Friday link but I'll be jiggered if I can spot it now...

    I still pine for the multi multi album Motown box set that sat in the second hand shop for all those weeks, out of my price league but a boy could dream

  10. Damn, I thought no-one would notice.
    He was here. Briefly. But he didn't feel right, and I pulled him. You know how it is. I'm sure he'll be back.

    They play Motown in heaven. Well, Marvin, at least x

  11. Two people within a few hours attracted by the same little black round thing. It just goes to show there are plenty of people (as sad/mad as us?) rifling through those bins all the time.

    I'm now regretting passing on a Marvels album this afternoon. I may go back tomorrow. Will it still be there?

  12. I hope so Darce. We need a win.

  13. Davy H. Very much the man in form.


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