Monday, April 19, 2010

Status Report

601 not out - but not about much either this week, to be honest, with an horrendously early start/late return train journey to Manchester tomorrow and more chocker 'away from my desk' mallarkey until sweet Friday, by which time I shall most certainly need a record-noodle up Portobello way and a gin & tonic, or two.

Like Tony says...

Tony Fruscella - 'I'll Be Seeing You' (1955)

PS: I'll Twitter any significant sandwich news.


  1. Just the tune for bumbling around in vintage bookshops. Been giving this lot a spin lately. Keep an eye out when you're Portobello bound

  2. we'll be thinking of you sweetie. ig you're in need of something calming why not try tracey thorns gardening column over at caught by the river.
    very nice.

    and do get signed up super quick for the just about to land birdsongs comp by... me

  3. I had no idea how many posts we'd done over at our place but have just checked and it's 480. Fascinating, no?


  4. 'You've all done very well'.


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