Monday, May 10, 2010

Soul Monday

I spent a fun hour or so last night watching clips of and about the Wigan Casino on YouTube (there are lots).

One was soundtracked by this, which is a beauty.

On vinyl it's one of those singles so rare it'll set you back a few hundred quid to buy.

So I'm thinking it's unlikely to turn up in my charity shop for 75p anytime soon.

Tan Geers - 'Let My Heart And Soul Be Free' (1968)


  1. A nice start to the week. I really must get my Sunday soul and reggae back on track. Now the weather's getting nicer (!?!?) I may just bring that back...

  2. You never know Mr H, but in case you do remember that quid, i may even send you a paper one for such emergencies.

    Excellent track.

  3. i hope you've learned your lesson mr i don't do cash and that there is a fiver always tucked away somewhere safe in case of emergencies

  4. Crikey, you lot sound like me grandad: keep your money under the bed and don't trust the banks.

    Oh, hang on.

  5. I 'ingessmo' (word verif) it was more than an hour....

  6. I fear you ingessmo right Nonny.

  7. How good is that!!

    Just played it through 3 times in a row.

    May have to play it again....

  8. Same for me Fred; keep playing it over and over.


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