Thursday, May 06, 2010


The sunny weather today reminded me of another, 13 years ago.

We took it off work and sat in the front garden, basking in the light and warmth and promise of a new beginning. The end of nearly twenty years of Tory rule, those bitter years of division and neglect and hectoring and despair. And we knew now things would change: a sweeping majority, a huge mandate; politics reshaped, a minimum wage, the NHS saved and remade, Education, Education, Education, ethics in our foreign policy, no more young British men and women sent to horrible deaths for spurious ends in unnecessary wars, a new society and a shared vision that re-united us as a people: Atlee in 45, Tony in 97 - dancing in the streets. Everyone smiling. Because this victory was ours.


So here's where the story ends.

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

: (


  1. The Grauniad's complete guide to marginal constituencies where tactical voting could prevent a Tory win is here.


  2. i shall be drinking heavily. probably for the next four years at least. i keep trying to stay hopeful but it's not really working.



  3. Ah, no Election Day by Arcadia? Thank gawd for that.

  4. Me too Miss A - on both the hopeful and drinking.

    I had to look up who 'Arcadia' are Kips. That's how 'alt' I am. Yeah man.

  5. And wouldn't you know it, me the non-believer in tactical voting lives in a place in that guide.

  6. You would; I hope you did?

  7. 13 years ago, I had the day off, well I had quite a few days off that year due to unemployment. I was looking after my 3 month old nephew. I remember sitting telling him that one day we will talk about this historic day, not realising the disappointment to come.

    Still there are loads of things which are better now than then. For a start my nephew is being taught in an amazing new school full of light and space, not the crumbling old victorian wreck which I was taught in just down the road.

    I fear I may be drinking heavily as well for a few days at least Ally.

    Can't even face doing a up beat dancing post tomorrow.

    Salut Companeros!

  8. Made me want to not vote. Especially as the Labour candidate is an ex lawyer from London who gave it all up to sell ethnic jewellery online.

  9. I'm in a seat where nobody will tell you what the tactical vote is, second and third being too close to call. I swayed away from disappointment and hope I've done the right thing.

    Lovely writing. If it has to be like this then beautifully melancholy is the way to go, glass in hand.

  10. It'll be a boon to TV satirists, at least.

    'Lovely writing' ? There's a ton at Adam's - head over there.

    And keep the faith.

    For the first time in 13 years we are about to become 'The Resistance'.

  11. Well written piece Sir. Shame you're probably right. Maybe a period on the outside will do everyone some goo, despite the shit which will undoubtedly come our way.

  12. Davy, the way Labour went under Blair I still felt like "The Resistance"

  13. We all are Miss D, but ta. It's a shambles.


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