Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunny Pop Song # 4

From the magnificent Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones LP, which I bought an old mono copy of donkey's years back, this song was written by the band's regular producer and ex-Turtle Chip Douglas, with Glaswegian songwriter Bill Martin (who - attention Eurovision trivialists! - also co-wrote 'Puppet On A String' and 'Congratulations').

Who was your favourite Monkee?

Mine was Mike Nesmith, hands down.

He's singing lead here.

The Monkees - 'The Door Into Summer' (1967)


  1. Absolutely donkey's years - this was my first LP purchase, just pipping "22 Dynamic Hits" on K-Tel... Mike Nesmith yes, but I think my younger self watching the TV series in the 60s would have rooted for the nerdy Tork boy!

    Great track!


  2. Micky Dolenz - his manic nuttery did it for me.

    Re: the 'straightener' phrase. It can also be applied to a thump. I was reminding someone at a school reuni' about one mate lumping another on a school camping trip. His reply was " Yes, I remember X having a straightener with Y".

  3. Arf! (for the beginning of this discussion, see comments to Tog's Monument post).

    Mrs H's favourite Monkee? Davy Jones. She still comes over all unnecessary when she hears 'I Wanna Be Free'.

  4. Davy H, Mrs H had quite a thing for Pete as I remember. My first ever single purchase was Daydream Believer. What was the year please? Lila x

  5. '67 Ms HF - recorded in the sessions for this LP I believe.

    She's a fickle one, that Mrs H x

  6. Tipp-Ex jr for me too!

    I loved the Monkees' TV series when I was young but, having recently rewatched a few episodes, have sadly had to add it to the ever-growing list of things I've grown out of. *sigh*

    The music's still ace, but.

  7. Mike Nesmith would occasionally call the office of the production company I used to work for. My boss had worked for him, so he was always trying to get him to invest in a Dwight Yoakam film...or something. And I had to mail the LA Times obituary of Douglas Adams to Nez (as I never called him), because he had option an early draft of the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy screenplay.

    Anyway, Mike Nesmith was always very polite.

    Then there was the Monday morning when I got to the office, checked the voicemail and heard the message from Courtney Love....that was just scary.

  8. That woman always looks like she could do with a good scrub clean if you ask me Brian.

    Hello, btw!

  9. jones everytime - it's that tambourine action and those eyebrows

  10. Ooh, good choice for the cool spring weather.

    I started off a Davy girl but then switched to Mickey. Mickey has worn badly on me though, so I may switch back.

  11. Hello back, Davy!

    One story I heard - and this came from within the agency that was repping her at the time - is that she once called her agent at four o'clock in the morning because she had run out of toilet paper.


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